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Corporate Community Investment


FAB’s commitment to Corporate Community Investment (CCI) is focused on what we do as a bank to voluntarily contribute and make a difference to the communities where we do business, and extends beyond our core business activities

To achieve results, we choose to work in partnership with non-profits and charities to help us contribute towards:

  1. Making a positive change in people’s attitude or behaviour
  2. Helping people with skills building and personal development
  3. Making a direct impact on people’s quality of life
Broader CSR or sustainability activities such as using less energy, protecting the health and safety of employees, or enabling access to services or products to disadvantaged people are part of our core sustainable business activities and our commitment to being responsible bank.


In early 2018 we launched FAB’s employee volunteering programme, ‘People with Purpose’. Volunteering is a significant part of FAB’s commitment to the community and the activities we undertake are through partnerships with not-for-profit and charity organizations.
During the volunteering pilot phase our employee volunteers were involved in activities including:
  1. Engaging with People of Determination
  2. Engaging with the Elderly
  3. Youth Talent Club for young people with intellectual disabilities
  4. Ramadan food and gift boxes AlDenya Bkhair
  5. House Renovation for low income families

FAB’s 2018 Employee Blood Donation Campaign
“1 Giving = 3 Living”

Donating blood is important to our staff so we provide donation sessions in our offices during working hours. From January to July 2018, over 1,000 employees showed up at blood donation events in FAB offices in the UAE, Egypt and Oman.


FAB Egypt is involved in a number of community initiatives including charity fund-raising for low income patients in hospitals and underprivileged schools, and donation drives for winter clothes and provisions for four orphanages during Ramadan. FAB Egypt also donates funds annually to the Federation of Egyptian Banks (FEB) and the ‘Tahya Misr Fund’ to support the development and improvement of living conditions in slum areas in Egypt.

As part of its community initiatives, financial education presentations are also being delivered at local schools and orientation days for students at the bank. The students attend lectures held by the Country Chief Executive Officer (CCEO) and other business heads who explain the banking process and the effects of the banking sector on the national economy.



Here’s how we monitor and manage the environmental impacts of our buildings.


Policy Statements

We seek out new opportunities through the active management of 6 strategic areas.

Business Practice

Responsible Business Practices

It is our responsibility to make a lasting, positive impact by developing and supporting sustainable initiatives at a local and regional level.


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