Etihad Airways

In December 2019, FAB led the EUR 100 million SDG Loan for Etihad to support the expansion and long-term leases of the Etihad Eco-Residence, a sustainable apartment complex for the airline’s crew. The apartment complex will be Abu Dhabi’s first purpose-built, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum rated cabin crew accommodation. The complex comprises 500 apartments in 11 buildings at the pioneering Masdar City development and has been awarded ‘Sustainable Design of the Year’ at the Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC) MENA Green Awards. The building is designed using low environmental impact construction materials, which aids the reduction of strong sunlight yet maximise available natural daylight. Solar hot water systems also provide 76% of the community’s water demand and the buildings’ design encourages greater water efficiency and the reduction of potable water usage, as well as smart waste management.

The SDG Loan is the first in the region and in the aviation sector globally. Etihad is required to report against the sustainability criteria annually, and if they are not met, there is a step-up feature which incentives Etihad to meet the criteria. The SDG Loan supports Etihad in their commitments to the UN’s SDG’s, and supports FAB in achieving sustainability targets and long-term sustainability leadership ambitions.

  • ‘First’ SDG Loan in the region
  • ‘First’ SDG Loan in the aviation sector globally