Social Housing UK

Developing trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients is at the centre of our growth strategy in offering our market leading products and services in the UAE and International network. In the United Kingdom (UK) we established our Social Housing Lending Programme in 2019. “Social Housing” refers to Housing Associations (HAs), also known as Registered Providers (RPs), which are not profit organisations established to provide affordable housing for lower income and other vulnerable households. Our programme supports publicly rated HAs in the development of new affordable housing and we have seven HA clients based around England to whom we extend committed facilities in excess of £300m. Four of these clients were added in 2020, which enabled us to grow our commitment by £150m during the year. We continue to work with other HAs and we anticipate providing further support to this sector during 2021. When discussing possible funding opportunities, we work with our clients to agree bespoke Corporate and Social Responsibility Targets (e.g. a minimum number of residents finding employment or completing a certain number of training courses), which if achieved, can trigger a reduction in the loan cost.