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Responsible Employment


We aim to become the model sustainable financial institution in the Middle East and North Africa.

We want to act in partnership with our stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a Net Zero society and economy.

At FAB, we recognise the significant challenges posed by climate change to the earth, society, and the economy. We have taken a significant step across our financing activities by joining the NZBA which brings together global banks committed to aligning their lending and investment portfolios with Net Zero emissions by 2050. FAB is the first bank in the UAE and the GCC to join this group of global financial institutions. This initiative is undertaken as part of the UNEP Finance Initiative (FI) launched by the NZBA to create a platform for banking institutions from across the world to align their portfolios with Net Zero carbon emissions targets.

FAB’s strategy and operations are guided by international and national sustainability policy positions, climate policy frameworks, as well as our Sustainable Finance framework. FAB is well placed to ensure that a transition to a Net Zero economy will promote our mission of transforming challenges into investment opportunities.

Our goal is to develop a more diverse economy and meet the objectives of shareholders and customers through the following concerted efforts:

  • Integrating climate factors into our assumptions about capital markets.
  • Launching investment products with explicit temperature alignment goals.
  • Introducing products which are aligned to a Net Zero pathway.
  • Using stewardship to verify that the firms in which our customers have invested are both minimising climate risk and taking advantage of the possibilities afforded by the Net Zero transition.
  • Committed to sustainable financing of USD 75 billion by 2030 and we are also defining performance targets for greenhouse gas reduction. These targets will be finalised and associated KPIs will be rolled out in 2022.

As more investors choose to divert their investments to sustainability focused companies, the initiatives towards Net Zero will further accelerate. We are constantly seeking opportunities for our investors to better prepare them for a Net Zero world. At the same time, we will continue to build on managing and reducing our environmental footprint and being a responsible financial institution.

Our vision is to be recognised as a regional leader in sustainable finance and to have a positive influence on the customers and communities we serve. We are committed to financing and supporting environmental and sustainable initiatives while strengthening our partnerships with stakeholders in the Middle East and market participants.

FAB Cares

Our FAB Cares programme was launched in 2020. The programme aims to improve the wellbeing of our colleagues and their family members. Within FAB Cares is our Employee Wellbeing Programme (EWP). We developed the EWP in partnership with ICAS, a leading global provider of employee assistance programmes. The EWP provides numerous forms of confidential support to help employees with problems such as stress/ anxiety, depression, conflict and trauma.

We also conducted a survey in 2020 to gauge employees experience with our response to COVID-19. Our results were encouraging, with a NPS of +65, which was above the market trends. Our employees reported that they were happy with the consistent communication around COVID-19 and that they were continuing to receive a good level of support.

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in Leadership

We are proud to be corporate partners of the Pathway20 initiative by Aurora50. Aurora50 is a homegrown social enterprise that works on solutions to global problems. The Pathway20 initiative aims to support an increase female representation on UAE boards. Participants of the programme are exposed to workshops and training, executive coaching, mentorship, and hands-on board experience.

Talent & Attraction


We aspire to be an employer of choice and attract the very best talent. We receive hundreds of job applicants for every opening and it can be challenging to identify real talent from within the crowd. Launchpad was one such solution where we introduced a digital interview platform to replace the traditional profiling interview. Since then, we have completed some 2,000 virtual and automated interviews in 2020, resulting in 248 people being shortlisted for next round interviews with the Hiring Manager. The candidate feedback has also been highly positive. 86% of candidates rate the video interview process as excellent with many providing direct feedback on the process as being efficient and unique.


an industry-leading feature

Talent Marketplace Initiative for 2021

To nurture career growth and future proof our business, and our people, we took action towards the end of 2020 to create the FAB Talent Marketplace, which will be launched in 2021.

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Learning & Development

Our learning & development (L&D) strategy is based on business outcomes, strategic directives, benchmarks and identified needs in the organisation. Our approach ensures that the necessary behavioral changes are implemented to improve performance.

L&D interventions we took in 2020

The Customer First (CF) Educational stream

The Relationship Manager Certification programme

The Branch Manager Professional Certification programme

DigiFlex- trainings on Design Thinking, Cloud and Agile

ACAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) and ICA (Certification in Compliance) Certification programmes

Discovery Programme - to enhance leadership skills

Training Hours

Total training hours are provided in the table below, note there was a drop in total training (in-person and virtual training) in 2020 due to the pandemic. However around 41,000 hours of eLearning training was delivered in 2020, which in total adds up to 118,500 hours. The shift to e-learning was partly due to the pandemic and partly arising from our strategy to provide capability at the point of work using eLearning tools. As a result, this helps to reduce the time employees are away from work and also provides a more engaging and personalised learning experience.

Training 2018 2019 2020
Total training delivered (days*) 17,372.25 16,652.39 1,1069
Total training delivered (hours) 121,605.78 116,566.75 77,483.44
Average training per employee (days)** 2.591 1.984 1.624
Senior management employees 1.295 2.588 2.735
Middle management employees 2.212 2.362 2.584
Non-management employees 1.836 1.905 1.111
Number of e-learning training hours delivered Not Tracked Not Tracked 40,988.28
* 1 training day is equivalent to 7 training hours
** Average training hours/days are calculated based on number of people trained, not total employee numbers.

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