Talent Marketplace Initiative for 2021

FAB will partner with an artificial intelligence (AI) based talent management platform. The platform will analyse different career paths for each individual employee based on their achievements, preferences and goals whilst matching them in real time with internal part time projects, full-time positions, mentorships or job swaps across the business. This will create an opportunity for our employees to gain targeted new skills and expand internal networks whilst the organisation closes impending skills gaps and gives our leaders access to instant skills without the cost of external recruitment. This platform will:

  • Arm our leaders with visibility on existing skills as well as our employees’ desire and ambitions
  • Enhance our agility and help us discover new ways to deploy and mobilise our talent. This will help us to maximise the talent and the skills already within our business and promote an internal first approach
  • Provide our employees with actionable, diverse and personalised career roadmaps designed around their ambitions. It will help our team pinpoint the experience they need to gain and areas to strengthen in order to achieve their career goals. In addition, recommendations on relevant learning resources, mentors and feedback will be provided
  • Enable growth opportunities beyond a job description. In addition to full time roles, short assignments, projects and job swaps will be available for our employees to access. This supports on the job learning and career development just as much as our day-to-day activity
  • Help us deepen connections and networks as a business. A cross organisational, multidisciplinary project marketplace will promote innovation and provide a space to cross pollinate ideas and best practice with each other. It will also encourage our careers to break and stretch across silos more than they have before.