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Corporate & Investment Banking

Global Corporate Finance

Our model is ‘Client-Led’ focused on geography to provide greater proximity for our clients.

Building trust and relationships with our clients is at the centre of our growth strategy by offering our market leading products and services in the UAE and International network.

Our dedicated client coverage teams supported by our product specialists aim to provide Local, Government, Government related entities, Financial Institutions and Multinational Corporations with best-in-class, tailor-made solutions.


Global Transaction Banking

Our Global Transaction Banking standards match the best in the world by consolidating all areas of skill and services designed to expedite transactional activities both domestically and internationally.

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance combines local expertise with international reach by offering award-winning deal origination, structuring and distribution.

Global Market

Global Markets

Global Markets offers industry-leading insights and leverages the strength of our research, capabilities and the latest technology to offer world-class products.


Global Islamic Banking - FAB Siraj

Global Islamic Banking - FAB Siraj offers a wide range of Shariah Compliant wholesale banking solutions designed to ensure your financial goals are met.

Market Insight

Market Insights

Our team deliver customer focused research on regional macroeconomic and geopolitical topics as well as the foreign exchange, rates, credit and commodity markets.

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FIG Client Services

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GOV Client Services

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MNC Client Services

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IBG Client Services Abu Dhabi

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IBG Client Services Dubai

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CBG Client Services Dubai

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CMB Client Services Dubai

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Our Address

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Al Qurm – Business Park

P.O. Box 6316

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates