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Trade and Working Capital

Our solutions give you unparalleled control over your capital, letting you focus on what matters most – growth and expansion.

Trade Finance solutions include:

Letters of credit

A written undertaking from a bank to make a payment to the beneficiary up to the amount stipulated, provided the terms and conditions of the credit are complied with.

Letters of guarantee

A written undertaking from a bank on behalf of the client, to pay a supplier or seller if the client breaches their contract.

Bills for collection

Handling documents forwarded by the remitting bank, in accordance with the instructions received, to deliver them against a payment, and accepting the Bill of Exchange or other terms and conditions.

Trade financing

Trade financing is a form of finance designed to bridge the gap between the time goods are purchased and the time they are sold by the importer.

Supply chain financing

Financing the payables in and out of a business across its supply chain.

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