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Global Transaction Banking offers leading-edge products to our business customers worldwide by tailoring them to maximise their working capital by reducing time and administrative processes.

Account Services

  1. Call Accounts
  2. Current Accounts
  3. Cheque Book Services
  4. Vostro
  5. Reporting

Cash Management

  1. Cash Services
  2. Cheque Services
  3. Payment & Payroll Services
  4. Liquidity Management
  5. Escrow Management
  6. FI Clearing Services

Trade Finance

Solutions for Importers & Exporters
Traditional Trade
  1. Letters of Credit
  2. Collections
  3. Financing Solutions
Local and International Guarantees
  1. Letter of Guarantee Issuance
Supply Chain Finance (SCF)
  1. Domestic & International SCF
  2. Dynamic Discounting

Structured Trade & Commodity Finance
Working Capital Facilities
  1. Borrowing Base Facilities
  2. Warehouse Receipt Financing
Structured Commodity Finance
  1. Pre-Export Finance
  2. Pre-Payment Finance

Electronic Banking Channels

  • FAB eSign
  • Corporate Internet & Mobile Banking
  • Host-to-Host
  • SWIFT for Corporates
  • Supply Chain Finance

For further information on these products please contact your Relationship Manager or Global Transaction Banking Advisor.


The Innovators for Trade Finance
(UAE Trade Connect) jointly with Etisalat  
The Innovators for Trade Finance (FABeSCF Platform)   GLOBAL FINANCE   2021  
Best Bank for Payments & Collections in the Middle East   GLOBAL FINANCE   2021  
Best Bank for Liquidity Management in the Middle East   GLOBAL FINANCE
(2017, 2018, 2020)  
Leader in Trade Finance in UAE   GTR LEADERS IN TRADE
(2018, 2019)  
Best Trade Financier in MENA   TRADE FINANCE GLOBAL   2020  
Best Trade Finance Provider in the UAE   GLOBAL FINANCE   2020  
The Innovators for Cash Management Award (Global Cash Position Mobile App)   GLOBAL FINANCE   2020  
Best Bank for Export Trade Finance in UAE   SAUDI TRADE FINANCE   2019  
The Innovators for Cash Management Award (3-in-1 Self-Service Kiosk)   GLOBAL FINANCE   2019  
Best Bank for Cash Management in the UAE   GLOBAL FINANCE   2019  
Best Cash Management Bank in the UAE   INTERNATIONAL FINANCE   2018  

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Our Address

First Abu Dhabi Bank
Al Qurm – Business Park
P.O. Box 6316
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank P.J.S.C

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