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Market Insights & Strategy

FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team is based within the bank’s Global Markets business and as such provides finger-on-the-pulse insights and views on macroeconomic and geopolitical developments as well as Rates, FX, Oil, and Fixed Income, among other areas.

Latest Insights

FAB in conversation

14 October 2020

Our MIS team discusses global and regional macro, oil prices and key geopolitical issues.

Chavan Bhogaita, Head Market Insights & Strategy
Glenn Wepener, Senior Strategist - Middle East & Africa
Simon Ballard, Chief Economist

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GCC Fixed Income Chart Book
9M 2020 Review

08 October 2020

In this quarterly edition we have reviewed the key primary and secondary market developments during the first nine months of 2020. The report provides a quick snapshot of market performance, relative value analysis, new issuance trend, overall size and composition of the GCC fixed income market vis-à-vis the Emerging Markets trend.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst, Market Insights & Strategy
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Flash Note: US Election - 'From a Pandemic to a Potential Political Crisis'

05 October 2020

The bombshell news that President Trump, along with his wife and a number of other White House officials, were diagnosed with COVID-19 last week has the potential to precipitate a major political crisis and has certainly reduced the incumbent’s chances of being re-elected.

Glenn Wepener, Senior Strategist, Middle East & Africa

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hot topics

FAB Macro Strategy: Time for U.K. fundamentals and valuations to realign

07 September 2020

Our latest Macro Strategy outlook on U.K. fundamentals and the increasing risk of a ‘no trade deal’ Brexit at the end of this year.

Simon Ballard, Chief Economist

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US Elections 2020

FAB Insights: US Election November 2020 – “It’s not over until it’s over.”

07 September 2020

As the countdown towards the most hotly debated US election in decades gathers pace and following on from our previous analysis in May: ‘A Viral Election’, we take a fresh look at the chances of both candidates and whether or not their political fortunes have shifted since then..

Glenn Wepener, Senior Strategist, Middle East & Africa

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The GCC - Facts & Figures 2020

24 August 2020

In this report FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team provide a very simple overview of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) from a macro and markets perspective. The report covers a macroeconomic snapshot of the region, our outlook on the GCC economy and oil market, and a summary of the GCC FX and rates market.

Glenn Wepener, Simon Ballard, Rakesh Sahu, Mohamed Al Shamsi - Market Insights & Strategy

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