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Best ways to manage your finances

Planning a budget and managing finances efficiently are excellent ways to make sure you stay on top of your money game and manage to save for your future.

  • Plan your budget using free to download of budgeting apps such as WallY, Fudget and YNAB and keep referring back to it to make sure you are following it
  • Make a note of how much you owe, whom you owe it to and when it is due. You may want to consider syncing due dates of Direct Debits and standing orders to match with payday and money coming into your account
  • Keep the line of communication open with the people you owe money to so you maintain trust
  • Research price comparison websites to check if you can save money on monthly payments such as electricity bills, broadband services etc
  • Our free text and email alerts help you stay up to date with your account and outgoings
  • Should you need some more information about understanding overdrafts, statements, managing your money, setting up account alerts and more, please call Contact Centre on 600525500

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