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Rules and Requirements


What is the eligibility criterion for the Accelerator?

The Accelerator Programme is available to UAE Nationals and UAE Residence Visa holders, with a minimum monthly income starting from AED 15,000, which may vary based on the profile of the applicant.

Do I need to transfer my salary to FAB to avail the Accelerator Programme?

Customer has a choice to either open a salary transfer relationship with us or they can simply transfer balance from another bank to their FAB current account. Customer can avail all the benefits of Accelerator in both the cases although if they transfer their salary to FAB they will get higher limit for their personal loan and can have an even more beneficial relationship with FAB.

Can I avail the benefits offered with the Accelerator Programme without opting for one or more of the products?

The Accelerator benefits are offered only if the customer holds both a Current Account and an eligible Credit Card with FAB, and is subscribed to the Accelerator Programme. Customers would not receive these benefits if they do hold a Current Account and a Credit Card with FAB.

I am an FAB customer but do not have a Credit card/Current Account with the bank. Can I apply for Accelerator?

The Accelerator Programme is open for all customers as per the programme eligibility criteria, including the existing customers of FAB. Since it’s a hard bundle of a Current Account and a Credit Card, you will have to apply for both the products before subscribing to the Accelerator Programme.

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