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First Rewards


The Rewards Program That Gives You More

First Rewards is a unique Loyalty Programme designed for FAB Credit Card members. Every time you use your FAB Credit Card, you're on your way to earning free, exciting rewards.

General Terms and Conditions

Bonus Points

Earn double First Reward Points every time you use your FAB Credit Card at any supermarket or departmental store in the UAE or on all purchases internationally.

  • First Rewards Bonus points at any Supermarkets and Departmental stores in UAE shall be awarded on minimum spend of AED 400
  • For international purchases the Bonus First Rewards points shall be awarded for a minimum cumulative spend of AED 500 and maximum spend of AED 20,000 during a given month
  • The card must be active, not overdue or over limit. Regular payments must be made
  • Bonus First Rewards points will be credited in the following month of the transactions
  • First Rewards program Terms and Conditions apply

Talk for Free

The first rewards programme that pays all your utility bills. This allows you to redeem your points against du (Mobile, Call Select - Landline, TV & Broadband), Etisalat (Wasel, Al Shamil, Dial up, Landline, GSM or E-vision), ADDC, AADC, DEWA, SEWA, Pehla, Showtime, Orbit and RTA.

  • Customers should pay the utility bill via FAB Credit Card and call in for redemption. Transactions in current statement will only be eligible for redemptions
  • Maximum redemption capped to AED 250 per month
  • Program can be changed by the bank at any time with or without notice
  • First Rewards and Portfolio Terms and Conditions apply

How to Earn First Reward Points?

Earn First Reward Points every time you use your card, locally or worldwide. For every Dirham you spend or its equivalent in foreign currency, you will get one First Reward Point. The number of First points you accumulate appear in your monthly statement. All spends on your supplementary card(s) also earn you points. From March 2016 onwards, First Reward Points are valid for 3 years from the date of accumulation. Collect and redeem them for rewards, faster than any other program in the market, whenever you wish!

How to Redeem Your First Reward Points?

You can choose to redeem your First Reward Points against your utility bill payments and online transactions. Use your FAB credit card for the purchase and then call 600525500 indicating your choice of reward(s). Our Customer Service Officer will assist you in processing the redemption. The transaction cashback amount will directly be credited to your FAB credit card.

First Rewards Partners List

Note: Issuance of retail store and shopping mall vouchers has been temporarily suspended.



  • How do I enroll for a loyalty program?

    New customers may enroll for a loyalty program of their choice by indicating their selection on the Credit Card application form. If you are an existing Credit Cardholder, please call 600525500 to enroll into a program of your choice. Note: Only Platinum, Signature and Infinite Cardholders will be offered the First Miles Loyalty Program. The card must not be overdue or blocked at the time of receipt of any such request.

  • How do I earn First Reward Points/ First Miles / First Cashback?

    First Rewards
    You automatically earn 1 reward point on every AED 1 spend and earn double reward points on international spend as well as spends at supermarkets or department stores.

    First Miles
    For every USD 1 retail purchases you automatically earn 1 First Mile and for every USD 1 international spend you earn 2 First Miles.

    First Cashback
    First Cashback amount will be awarded as per the below grid.

  • Spend Range (AED)
    Domestic Cashback %
    International Cashback %
  • 0-2,999
  • 3,000 -9,999
  • 10,000-19,999k
  • 20,000-39,999k
  • >=40k

Total of spend will be determined based on transactions posted from the first day of the billing cycle to the end of day of one day prior to the next billing cycle. First Cash Back earnings will be separately calculated for domestic spend and International spend on the amount of eligible retail purchases and rounded down to the nearest Dirham. Only incremental spend in the respective tier will earn Cashback as per the rate mentioned in the specific tier. Cashback earnings will be capped at AED 1,000 per cycle.


Total Spend of AED 10,000 (AED 5000 Domestic + AED 5000 International)

Cash Back Earned for Domestic Spend= (2,999 X 0.50%) + (2001 X 1%) = AED 35.00

Cash Back Earned for International Spend= (2,999 X 1%) + (2001 X 1.5%) = AED 60.00

Total Cash Back Earned = AED 95

For specific exclusions please refer to the detailed First Rewards, First Miles and First Cashback Terms and Conditions.

FAB may, at its sole discretion at any time and without any prior notice to the Card member, modify or change the terms of the First Rewards/ First Miles or First Cashback programs.

  • Will I earn First Rewards/ First Miles or First Cashback on spend done on my supplementary Credit Cards?

    Yes, spend done on your supplementary, internet or easy buys cards are eligible and will automatically be linked to your primary card.

  • What is the minimum/ maximum redemption for First Cashback?

    Cashback amount worth AED 100 or more can be redeemed. Redemption will be permitted in multiples of AED 50 only.

  • How can I check my First Rewards/ First Miles/ First Cashback accumulated?

    The Bank will notify the Primary Cardholder in the monthly Credit Card statement on the First Reward points/ First Miles or First Cashback accumulated. Alternatively customers can call 600525500.

  • How can I switch between loyalty programs?

    To switch between loyalty programs please call 600525500. You may switch between loyalty programs without any restrictions.

    From the date of approval of any such request placed and subsequent flagging in the system, all eligible transactions will start earning First Rewards/ First Miles/ First Cashback as per your selection. The existing First Rewards/ First Miles/ First Cashback accumulated will continue to remain available for redemption by the cardholder at any point of time (as long as it has not expired in case of First Miles)

    Note: Existing First Reward Points/ First Miles/ First Cashback accumulated will not be converted to the new program when the loyalty program switch is requested.

  • Are there any blackout dates for travel using the First Miles program like many other global airline loyalty programs?

    There are no restrictions or blackout dates attached to this program as long as seats and services requested are available.

  • Can First Miles be redeemed with any airline and any destination in the world?

    Yes. First Miles can be redeemed against any airline and any destination in the world. For example, customers can redeem their First Miles for a trip between London and Spain by calling the FAB Call center, In addition, First Miles can also be redeemed against hotel accommodation, car rentals, holiday packages in addition to wide range of travel services.

  • Can I avail partial First Miles redemption and pay the balance using my credit card?

    Card + Miles programs will be offered by the Bank as special promotions only.

  • Will taxes be included in the First Miles redemption?

    Taxes are excluded from the redemption program. Taxes will be charged to the Cardholders FAB Credit Card.

  • Will the First Miles required for redemption be the same throughout the year?

    First Miles required will depend on the travel season and availability. It will be competitive with the market at any point of time.

    First Rewards and First Cashback may be redeemed at any time 24/7 by contacting us on 600525500. First Miles can be redeemed between 8AM to 5PM, Saturday to Thursday.

    Terms and conditions apply

We are currently experiencing higher call volumes than usual. We encourage you to use the FAB Mobile app and check our FAQs page.



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