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FAB Invest and Grow

Investing regularly is now easier than ever. With FAB Invest and Grow, you can start deploying funds gradually and in smaller amounts, limiting market and timing risk.

Thanks to your FAB Investment Advisor or your Relationship Manager, you can set up regular investment plans in line with your risk appetite, and starting with as low as USD 500.

Key benefits of FAB Invest and Grow:

  • Easy to define and implement
  • Imposes discipline and avoids emotionally-driven decisions
  • Allows capital to be deployed gradually and in smaller amounts, limiting market and timing risk
  • Access to investment in mutual funds through small, periodic investments
  • A dedicated approach and focus is the key to any investment. Inculcating a habit of investing with a regular investment of a small sum is practically much easier than investing a lump sum amount every year
  • Although systematic investments are smaller, investors can benefit higher with the power of compounding over a long term
  • FAB Invest and Grow does not require clients to time the market
  • Provides an automatic market timing mechanism. Since the investments in this product are made at regular intervals, more units are bought in declining markets and hence, when the markets head upwards, the value of your investments grows in sync
  • Investing systematically means you buy fewer units when markets are priced high and more units when the markets are priced low
  • You can choose from various funds spread across different asset classes
  • You don't have to wait to have a lump sum, nor do you have to alter your lifestyle as you can pick a monthly investment amount that suits your budget

You may access and view FAB Invest and Grow approved list of mutual funds here.

For more information on how to set up your regular investment plan, please contact your Investment Advisor or your Relationship Manager. You may also leave your contact details in the below form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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