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I hereby apply for the mortgage loan described herein and confirm that I have read and understood and hereby agree to First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC’s:

Confidential Information Declaration

  1. I hereby authorise First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC (the “Bank”) to disclose any information relating to me that is, as a matter of law, custom or contract, confidential in nature (“Confidential Information”):
    1. to any Bank branch, subsidiary or other person controlled by the Bank, or any person under common control with the Bank, in each case, whether directly or indirectly and whether inside or outside the United Arab Emirates;
    2. to any agent, adviser, banker, broker, correspondent, dealer, nominee, market professional, contractor, custodian or other third party (a “Delegate”) that the Bank may appoint to provide any product or other service offered by the Bank (a “Service”), or facilitate the provision by the Bank of a Service, to me;
    3. to any Delegate to the extent necessary to enable the Bank to provide Services to me;
    4. to any professional adviser of the Bank who is under a duty of confidentiality to the Bank;
    5. to any exchange, depository, clearing house or settlement system, swap data repository or trade repository (whether local or global), where the Bank or a Delegate is required to disclose such Confidential Information;
    6. to any actual or potential permitted transferee or assignee (or, in each case, any of their agents or professional advisers) of the Bank’s rights and obligations under the General Conditions or any terms and conditions governing a specific Service, which are supplemental to the General Conditions (“Specific Conditions”) or in connection with any business transfer, disposal, merger or acquisition undertaken by the Bank;
    7. to any rating agency, insurer or insurance broker, or direct or indirect provider of credit protection to the Bank in connection with the Services provided by the Bank;
    8. to the Etihad Credit Bureau, any other authorised credit reference agency or credit bureau or the Emirates Movable Collateral Registry;
    9. as required by any applicable law;
    10. as required by any court, tribunal, regulatory, supervisory, tax, sanctions, governmental or quasi-governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Bank or that the Bank reasonably believes has jurisdiction over me;
    11. to any listed company or other type of entity (or its agent or nominee) in which I have an interest in securities which are held by the Bank as my nominee in circumstances where the Bank is obliged to disclose such Confidential Information as the holder, legal owner of record or custodian of those securities;
    12. as may be required in order to preserve or enforce any of the Bank’s rights or remedies against me; or
    13. as otherwise specified in the General Conditions or in any Specific Conditions.
  2. I authorise the Bank to obtain information, on an ongoing basis, from the Etihad Credit Bureau, the Emirates Movable Collateral Registry, banks and other financial institutions, my employer or any other body as the Bank deems appropriate, about my financial and non-financial affairs which includes but is not limited to the details of my banking facilities, financial position, income and any other information relating to me which the Bank deems appropriate without any reference to me.
  3. To comply with certain legal or regulatory obligations, I authorise the Bank to centralise the processing of my information in one or more locations inside or outside the United Arab Emirates.
  4. I agree to provide any information or documents that the Bank may require and waive any confidentiality rights applicable under data protection, bank secrecy or similar laws in respect of all such information which the Bank may disclose in accordance with this confidential information declaration.

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