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FAB Platinum, Gold and Classic Credit Cards


Enjoy a host of benefits that cater to your unique lifestyle through FAB’s range of credit cards (Platinum, Gold, Classic).


  • Access to an extensive network of retail outlets and ATMs locally and internationally
  • Save time and stay safe while using your FAB Credit Card with the most recent “Contactless” card technology, enabling seamless transactions without the need for physical contact
  • Attractive credit limits from EGP 10,000 up to EGP 1 Million, depending on credit card type and eligibility criteria being met
  • Ability to withdraw cash from any ATM, ranging from 50% - 100% of your credit limit depending on your credit card type
  • Free issuance of supplementary credit cards
  • Enjoy our ’FAB Rewards’ loyalty program which is a unique program that offers FAB Credit Card holders the opportunity to earn rewards for their credit card spend. You earn the rewards in the form of points which can be seamlessly redeemed at a wide range of merchants.

FAB Rewards Program

How can I earn points?

Points earned are based on eligible spend. Eligible spend is defined as any domestic or international purchase transaction done using your FAB Credit Card. The number of points earned vary depending on the type of card you are holding.

Cash withdrawal transactions, installment payments and any other type of transactions other than purchases are not considered to be eligible spend.

How can I redeem my points?

You can go directly to any of our participating merchants and ask to redeem your points. The merchant will ask you for your mobile number in order to send you a one- time-password (OTP), which you should provide to the merchant to complete redemption of your points. Points will be automatically debited from your FAB Rewards loyalty account.

How many points do I earn per Egyptian Pound spent?

The number of points earned vary depending on the type of card you are holding.

Card Type Points Earned per 1 EGP of Eligible Spend
FAB Platinum Credit Card 2 points
(equivalent to 2% unlimited cashback)
FAB Gold Credit Card 1.5 points
(equivalent to 1.5% unlimited cashback)
FAB Classic Credit Card 1 point
(equivalent to 1% unlimited cashback)

Is there a limit on the number of points I can earn?

There is no limit on the number of points you can earn on eligible spend.

Where can I redeem my points?

You can redeem your points at any of our participating merchants. To find out more details about the participating merchants please visit 

How can I check the number of points I currently have?

You can check your number of points by visiting

Financial Flexibility

  • Buy now and pay with the FAB Easy Payment Plans which enable you to convert your transactions into monthly installments up to 36 months with attractive pricing
  • Get Easy Cash using your FAB Credit Card and pay it back in installments up to 36 months
  • With FAB Balance Transfer, you can now settle your outstanding amounts with other banks using your FAB Credit Card and pay back the amount in installments over 36 months, enjoying   attractive pricing 
  • Minimum monthly payment requirement of only 5% of statement balance
  • Get up to 55 days of interest free credit on your purchases

Security and Convenience

  • Enhanced security with instant SMS alerts for all your transactions
  • For added security, when making online purchases an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number with a One Time Password (OTP) before we authorize your transaction
  • Ease of making your FAB Credit Card payments through any of FAB’s ATMs or through FAB Online or Mobile Banking.


  • 21 years of age for employees and 25 years of age for self-employed

Required Documents

  • Valid National ID for Egyptians and Passport with valid residency for foreigners
  • For employees
  • Letter of employment or bank statement
  • For self-employed
  • Commercial register or bank statement
  • Taxation Card

Terms and Conditions apply

Fees and charges
Interest rate
Credit Cards Terms and conditions
FAB Rewards Terms & conditions

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