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Online and Mobile Banking

online banking

Enjoy seamless, convenient and secure access to your banking anytime, anywhere…

Access FAB Online Banking or the ‘FAB Egypt’ Mobile Banking app in order to:

  • View account / credit card / loan balance details and transaction details
  • Make funds transfers between your account and to other accounts within Egypt
  • Pay your FAB Credit Card
  • View foreign exchange rates
  • Block lost / stolen card

How do I register?

  1. Visit your nearest branch to complete the Online Banking subscription form.
  2. Username and password will be generated and sent to you via courier.
  3. An email will be sent to your registered email address including details about the ‘Entrust Identify Guard’ application with a QR code so you can easily download it in order to activate your account.
  4. Once you have received your username and password, and have downloaded the ‘Entrust’ application, please contact the 24-hour FAB Contact Center at 19977 to activate your online account.

How do I access Online Banking?

  1. Visit
  2. You will need the following:
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. One Time Password (OTP) generated by Entrust Application
  3. Enter your credentials. You will be requested to reset your password at the first login.

How do I access the FAB Egypt Mobile Banking app?

  1. You will first need to log onto the FAB Egypt Online Banking website to activate your account as indicated above.
  2. Download the ‘FAB Egypt’ app from the Apple Store or Google Play store, or you can scan  the QR code below.

    FAB Egypt Mobile App FAB Egypt Mobile App
  3. Access the FAB Egypt mobile app using your Username and Password.

What is the soft token?

The soft token is a software-based security token that generates a One-Time-Password (OTP).  You can generate this OTP via the ‘Entrust Identify Guard’ mobile application.

You will receive an email at your registered email address with the token details.

How do I activate my Username and Password?

After receiving your username and password as well as the email with the soft token details, please contact the 24-hour FAC Contact Center at 19977 in order to activate your account.

When do I need to use the One-Time-Password (OTP)?

The OTP should be used every time you log in and every time you perform a transaction.

How do I activate the soft token application to generate the OTP?

To start using the soft token application, you first need to activate it.

Token Activation Process:

  1. The bank will send your token details and information about how to activate your token, to your registered email address.
  2. You can download the soft token application ‘Entrust Identity Guard’ by scanning the QR code sent to your email and also shown below.

  3. You will need to scan the QR code or insert the following information which has been sent in the email received from the bank:
      1. 1. Activation ID/Serial Number
        2. Activation Code
        3. Identity Provider Address
        4. Identity Provider Name (you will need to enter this value as ‘FAB’)

  4. Create your personal pin on the soft token application (you can change your pin at any time).
  5. A registration code will appear. In order to activate the soft token application, you will need to call the 24-hour FAB Contact Center at 19977 and share this code with them. (Please keep a note of the registration code until you contact the FAB Contact Center)
  6. Once the token has been activated, you can simply launch the soft token application to generate the One Time Password (OTP) every time the system requests an OTP.

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