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Cash Management

Cash Management

Cash management can be complex, but our solutions make it easy. You can track and manage financial flows within and beyond your business at any time, allowing you to accurately forecast and budget for your cashflow needs.

A diverse range of products, tools and services are crucial to managing your cashflow and with FAB these are now at your fingertips. So whether you do business locally, regionally or globally, our portfolio of Accounts Services, Payment Services and Collections & Receivables will work seamlessly with your business to achieve your goals.

Account Services

At FAB, we offer a variety of accounts and services that give you control and visibility of your cash balances, along with unique and tailored services to suit your business size and needs.

Business Accounts

We offer various types of business bank accounts that are designed to support the business needs of our clients and categories them as follows: Current and Islamic Finance Accounts. These accounts are offered with Cheque book facilities and low minimum balance requirements.

Business Current & Islamic Finance Accounts

Highly competitive fee structure and Multi-currency options for SMEs, Mid-Market and Multinational companies.

Payment Services

Our payment solutions can help you effectively manage your domestic and international payment needs. They are tailored to streamline your processes and reduce overall costs, saving you time and money. Through our secure and easy-to-use banking channels, you can efficiently initiate payment instructions, access timely reports and extract transaction information conveniently during working hours.

We offer the following payment services:

  1. Utility Payments
  2. FAB Fund Transfer
  3. Cheques and Drafts
  4. Standing Instructions
  5. Domestic Fund Transfer
  6. International Fund Transfer

Collections & Receivables

Cashflow is critical to all businesses. We understand the faster you convert your receivables into cash, the more control you will have over your cashflow and working capital. So whether you need bulk cash, inward remittances or direct debits, we can provide secure collection tools. To help with account reconciliation, we also supply customized reporting and Management Information (MI) tools through secure banking channels.

We offer the following Collections & Receivables:

  1. Cash and Cheque deposits via FAB branches

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance provides specific financing alternatives and assists you in the analysis of these options.

Advisory and Capital

Advisory and Capital Raising Services

Our Merchant Banking Division offers comprehensive and innovative financial advisory and capital-raising services to corporations, organisations, and governments.

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