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Global Private Banking

FAB Global Private Banking is the primary wealth manager in the region through its local expertise and global offering, which includes portfolio management, advisory capabilities, full custody services, as well as a top-notch selection of third-party funds and products.

Global Private Banking (GPB) offers tailored wealth management solutions across its centres in the UAE, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, UK and France. This, along with FAB’s status as one of the safest and strongest banks in the world, makes FAB’s GPB the preferred choice for family offices and ultra-high and high-net worth individuals seeking to protect and grow their wealth.

Its Investment Management includes some of the best-performing regional mutual funds as well as balanced international multi-asset portfolios.

FAB is one of the only local banks in MENA to offer full custody services, which allows for in-house safekeeping, post-trading services, asset servicing and portfolio reporting of assets in more than 70 international financial markets.

Serving our growing customer base

Assets under management in GPB grew almost 50% year-on-year, reaching a new record. FAB Investment Management’s assets grew by 21% year-on-year, while the number of mandates for advisory services increased by 50%.

GPB was a key driver of the IPO activity, significantly contributing to one of the best years for IPOs and bond offerings in the local market, which included several landmark transactions led by FAB. The equity activity contributed to the rise in assets under management of Global Private Banking and to higher sales of non-lending products, which led to a 5% growth in non-interest income. Revenues overall, however, fell by 3% as low rates adversely impacted net interest margins.

Our flagship Investment Management MENA equity funds delivered their best yearly performance to date, returning 32% in 2021, outperforming the benchmark by about four percentage points. The results were driven by careful stock selection and rigorous asset allocation, which led to an overweight rating in the Abu Dhabi stock market, one of the best-performing in the world last year.

Global Private Banking Proposition

Wide range of Products and Services available to our clients across Global Centres

Investment Products and Services

  • Trade Execution Services
  • Investment Advisory Services
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management (DPM)
  • Private Market Investments
  • FAB Funds
  • Global (Third Party) Funds
  • Financing Solutions (Lombard and Specialised Lending)
  • Custody services

Everyday Banking

  • Real Estate Lending/Financing – Commercial and Residential
  • Access to Conventional and Islamic Products and Services including Personal Financing, Auto Loans and Credit Cards

*Note: Products and services vary by the centres as FAB GPB complies with local regulations

global private banking
global private banking

FAB Investment Management Delivers Best-in-Class Performance

Global investors turned their eyes more keenly to the MENA markets last year, with the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange’s benchmark index in particular being one of the best performing indices in the world. In this high-performing environment, FAB Investment Management mutual funds stood out, with three of its MENA equity funds in the 90th percentile in terms of performance.

The MENA Shariah Growth fund was the best-performing Dirham-denominated MENA fund across the asset class, with a full-year return of 40%. This was an outperformance of nearly 17 percentage points compared to the index the fund uses as a benchmark, the S&P Pan-Arab Composite Large and Mid-Cap Shariah Index.

Looking ahead

Global Private Banking will continue to grow its market share globally, availing its unique proposition, worldwide reach, and strength of FAB’s franchise. While the focus remains on its strategic markets, namely the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, France and Egypt, GPB is also expanding beyond those borders.

To achieve this growth, GPB continues to work together with other parts of the Bank to ensure FAB is a one-stop shop, in which clients have access to a wide range of banking services, from managing their personal wealth to bringing their companies to the capital markets. This includes offering them financing and investment solutions across every asset class, from private credit and real estate to equity and bond markets.

In doing so, GPB continues to serve clients from the MENA region seeking to invest globally, and global clients looking to explore the regional markets. GPBs reach and expertise also enables clients from emerging markets seeking access to developed markets and vice-versa using FAB as their springboard, with unparalleled service and safety.

Our award-winning franchise

GPB continues to embrace technology to improve and grow its offerings for clients. The quality and breadth of our products and services have served to position FAB as a private bank of choice for HNWIs and institutions, as reflected by multiple industry recognitions received throughout 2021.

Wealth Briefing MENA Awards 2021


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