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Market Insights & Strategy

FAB’s Market Insights & Strategy team is based within the bank’s Global Markets business and as such provides finger-on-the-pulse insights and views on macroeconomic and geopolitical developments as well as Rates, FX, Oil, and Fixed Income, among other areas.

Latest Insights

House View On Oil

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House View on Oil – June 2024

20 June 2024

Oil prices had a mixed performance during the first half of this year, as traders attempted to digest various factors including geopolitical risks, OPEC+ actions, US output, a strong US dollar and demand uncertainty. In this note we analyze the current state of the crude market and its near-term outlook.

Glenn Wepener, Chief Strategist

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GCC & Egypt Macro Weekly:
Restricting Ourselves to a Soft Landing

17 May 2024

Our weekly analysis offering a strategic outlook for the coming week, along with key macro themes and trends impacting the GCC & Egypt region. The report also includes a recap on the past week, as well as a summary of the key data releases and macro events in the week ahead; along with macro chart packs covering the MENA & Global Markets.

Simon Ballard, Chief Economist

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Media: Oil Market Outlook & Key Risks to watch in 2024

09 February 2024

This interview was recorded on 9th Feb 2024, discussing various topics including; the outlook for the oil market & some key risks to watch for this year

Glenn Wepener, Chief Strategist
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GCC Fixed Income Market

GCC & Egypt Fixed Income Chart Book - FY 2023 Review

08 January 2024

In this edition we reviewed the key primary and secondary market developments during FY 2023 and our outlook for FY 2024. The report provides a quick snapshot of market performance, relative value analysis, new issuance trend, overall size and composition of the GCC&E fixed income market etc.

Rakesh Sahu, Analyst
Chavan Bhogaita, Head of Market Insights & Strategy

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Global Macro/Rates Outlook 2024

01 December 2023

In this Global Macro / Rates Outlook on 2024 we discuss the headwinds and tailwinds that will drive the economic outlook for the U.S., Europe, UK and GCC over the coming year. Optimists will argue that the stars have been aligning in recent months for the U.S. economy to experience a soft-landing. The latter has certainly been suggested by the recent resilience in U.S. retail sales data as well as easing price pressures such as PCE. In fact, some have gone so far as to label current (global) macro conditions as Goldilocks-like. Time will tell; please read on.

Simon Ballard, Chief Economist

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FAB Macro Strategy:
Egypt Update – Chalk and Cheese

08 November 2023

Egypt is back in the spotlight as macro data releases continue to test the economic landscape and outlook. The implicit message to the central bank and monetary authorities again seems set to be that more policy action and comprehensive reforms are still needed. With presidential elections scheduled for next month, further policy adjustments are likely to remain stalled in the near-term, but post the re-election, currency adjustment could be one of the first orders of the new year. Please read on.

Simon Ballard, Chief Economist

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