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Prepaid Cards

Safe, easy and secure. Experience the convenience of FAB’s Prepaid Cards.

Take advantage of the convenience that comes with FAB’s selection of Prepaid Cards. This range of cards can be used by organizations for cash disbursement activities. Cardholders will benefit from secure transactions, flexibility, cash withdrawal and more without the need to maintain a bank account.

Are you eligible for FAB’s Prepaid Cards?
You can apply for one of our Prepaid Cards if you:

Why Use Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid Cards enable users to conduct a wide variety of transactions and can be used by organizations for several purposes.

Banking made simple.

Discover our Prepaid Cards.

DWallet Prepaid Card

Conveniently transfer your domestic worker’s salary to their DWallet card through the TAD-BEER app and enrolled exchange houses. They can enjoy several benefits such as money transfers, mobile top-ups and more.

Ratibi Prepaid Card

This salary payroll solution enables employees to receive their salaries on their cards without the need for a bank account. This is designed for employees earning up to AED 5,000.

Payment Prepaid Card

This card is ideal for companies dealing with manual petty cash and recurring payments. Cardholders can benefit from flexibility of usage within the UAE.

Prepaid Gift Card

A prepaid Visa card that can be used for gift or incentive purposes which can be issued to a company’s staff or suppliers.

Multi-Currency Prepaid Card

A co-branded Visa card programme which is designed for medical treatment purposes outside of the UAE.

General Purpose Prepaid Cards.
Easy issue prepaid cards.

Discover our new range of General Purpose Prepaid Cards. The General Purpose Prepaid Cards will serve as enhanced versions of your FAB eDirham cards, the Sahala Individual Card, the Advanced Individual Card, the Silver Corporate Card and the Black Corporate Card. All four General Purpose Prepaid Cards can be used for government payments, and selected cards can be used for retail transactions. All the cards have exciting benefits.

Abu Dhabi Pay Prepaid Cards.
A convenient way to pay for Abu Dhabi Government transactions and more.

Enjoy easy top ups with our Abu Dhabi Pay Prepaid Cards. All cards can be used for Abu Dhabi Government transactions and selected cards can also be used for retail transactions, all offering amazing benefits.

RAK Pay Prepaid Cards.
Easily manage your spending.

Benefit from easy issue prepaid cards with our RAK Pay Prepaid Cards: the Wafer Individual Card and the Al Ruzmah Corporate Card. Both cards can be used for Ras Al Khaimah Government transactions and feature a variety of benefits.

UAQ Pay Prepaid Cards.
A multi-purpose prepaid card for individual and corporate use.

Explore the newly introduced UAQ Pay Prepaid Cards for both corporate and individual use. These cards can be used for Umm Al Quwain government transactions as well as with other merchants. They feature several key benefits and can easily be loaded and reloaded to provide the user with added convenience.

eDirham Cards.
A new generation of secure contactless payments.

The eDirham E11 cards have been discontinued as per the guidance from the Ministry of Finance. Please navigate to the detailed page for instructions on how to redeem your card balances and know more.

eDirham G2 Al Haslah Cards

The eDirham G2 Al Haslah Card has been discontinued as per the guidance from the Ministry of Finance. FAB is proud to continue its partnership with Ministry of Finance with the new generation eDirham payment platform to empower users in making convenient and secure transactions and paying with ease for government services in the UAE.

*Disclaimer: All the information/ options provided by FAB are for the purpose of customers’ informed decision making
and will not be deemed as a specific advice or recommendation.

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