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Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Corporate Card

Excellence Card

Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Corporate Card can be loaded or reloaded through:

  • FAB CDMs
  • FAB iBanking and Nafura
  • Distribution channels and government counters (available soon)
  • UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS)


  • No card issuance costs, loading or reloading fees
  • Can only be used for Abu Dhabi Government transactions by corporates
  • Five-years validity
  • Maximum card balance is AED 10,000,000
  • Corporate cards require KYC/KYB (Know Your Customer/Know Your Business) registration, no bank account required

This card offers easy loading and reloading of funds to help you keep track of your spending.

Loading/Reloading Fees

  • FAB Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs): Free
  • Distribution channels and government counters: Free (available soon)
  • FAB iBanking and Nafura: Free
  • UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS): Free

Cards can be purchased/applied for through:

  • Magnati offices
  • FAB’s website (
  • FAB iBanking (available soon)

There are no cards issuance costs if the customer chooses to collect them from Magnati offices. If the customer requests delivery, there will be a charge of AED 25.

Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Corporate Card include the following features:

Maximum card balance Maximum load amount Maximum reload amount per transaction at FAB CDM Maximum reload amount per day at FAB CDMs Maximum reload amount per month at FAB CDMs
AED 10,000,000 AED 10,000,000 AED 75,000 AED 75,000 Unlimited

Cash withdrawal:

Cash withdrawals are not permitted for corporate cards.

Documents required for the Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Corporate Card:

  • Completed Abu Dhabi Pay Excellence Card Application Form
  • Valid Emirates ID (front and back)
  • Company Trade Licence/Registration document
  • Certificate of Incumbency (if applicable)
  • Proof of address
  • Official company letter
  • Power of Attorney (POA)/Board Resolution
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association (If applicable)
  • Completed FATCA Entities Form
  • Company bank statement (3 months)

Prepaid Card Balance Refunds:

The balance amount may be refunded on FAB ATMs (if cash withdrawal feature is available) or you may place a request at Magnati offices to receive a refund of the balance of your Abu Dhabi prepaid card. Please note that incomplete refund requests cannot be processed.

Already started an application?

If you have applied to an Abu Dhabi Pay card in the past, your application would still be saved within our system. Make sure you have your emirates ID and your application number handy to continue your application form.

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