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DWallet Prepaid Card


Introducing DWallet, a new prepaid card for domestic workers. As employers of domestic workers, you can now transfer your domestic worker’s salary to their DWallet card conveniently and from the comfort of your home, using the Lulu Exchange and soon through UAE FTS. The card will also allow you to keep a record of salary payments.

Your domestic worker will enjoy a variety of features such as transfer funds between friends, mobile top-ups and much more with payit.

As a sponsor
As a domestic worker
  • You need to visit TAD-BEER centre with your documents to apply for a DWallet card
  • There are three ways to top-up salary in the DWallet card
    - Visit TAD-BEER centre
    - Pay through the Lulu Exchange and soon through UAE FTS
    - Pay through the Lulu Exchange centre
  • You receive a DWallet card offering all the features of a debit card
  • Link the DWallet card to payit and enjoy the benefits of digital banking such as transfer money back home, bill payments and more

Apply for DWallet at your closest TAD-BEER centre.

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