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PayRow Individual Card

The PayRow Individual Card can be loaded or reloaded through:

  • FAB Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs)
  • The FAB Mobile app and Online Banking for retail
  • The payit mobile app (available soon)
  • Distribution channels (available soon)
  • MBME Kiosks
  • The UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS)


  • Card issuance cost: AED 30 (deducted from the first load)
  • Can be used for UAQ Government transactions and other merchants
  • Personalised card requires KYC (Know Your Customer) registration, no bank account required
  • Five-year validity
  • Maximum card balance is AED 75,000

Loading/Reloading Fees:

  • FAB Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs): AED 10*
  • MBME Kiosks: AED 10*
  • Distribution channels: AED 10* (available soon)
  • The FAB Mobile app, Online Banking and iBanking: AED 5*
  • FAB Branch: AED 25*
  • The payit mobile app: AED 5* (available soon)
  • The UAE Funds Transfer System (UAEFTS) : AED 5*

The redemption fee is AED 25*.

The PayRow Individual Card includes the following features:

Maximum card balance Maximum load amount Maximum reload amount per transaction at FAB CDMs Maximum reload amount per day at FAB CDMs Maximum reload amount per month at FAB CDMs
AED 75,000 AED 75,000 AED 75,000 AED 75,000 Unlimited

Cash withdrawal amounts:

Cash withdrawals are available at any FAB or non-FAB ATM.

  • FAB ATMs: Free
  • Non-FAB ATMs (within the UAE): AED 2*
  • International withdrawals: 2.5% or AED 15 (whichever is higher) *

Withdrawal allowance per transaction Withdrawal allowance per day Withdrawal allowance per month
AED 10,000 AED 75,000 Unlimited


Available to all UAE Nationals and residents

Documents required for the PayRow Individual Card:

  • Completed application form
  • Valid Emirates ID (front and back)
  • Completed FATCA Individual Form

Prepaid card balance refunds:

The balance amount can be refunded at FAB ATMs (if the cash withdrawal feature is available) or you may request a refund at Magnati offices. Please note that incomplete refund requests cannot be processed.

*All the above charges are exclusive of 5% VAT.


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