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Global Markets

FAB Global Markets combines sales, trading and structuring activities, serving our clients’ requirements by providing an extensive range of financial products, services and tailor-made solutions. Our offering is enhanced by FAB’s physical presence across key geographies, offering competitive pricing and best execution in various markets and time zones.

Risk Management & Hedging Solutions

  1. Energy
  2. Base and precious metals
  3. Soft commodities
  4. Steel and iron
  5. Freight
  6. Plastics

Global Financial Markets Forum

The Global Financial Markets Forum is one of the most prominent annual financial markets events in the MENA region. This prestigious gathering brings together topical and relevant content, world-class speakers as well as panel discussions and focused breakout sessions, along with unparalleled networking opportunities.


Global Transaction Banking

Our Global Transaction Banking standards match the best in the world by consolidating all areas of skill and services designed to expedite transactional activities both domestically and internationally.

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance provides specific financing alternatives and assists you in the analysis of these options.

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