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Global Transaction Banking


Global Transaction Banking offers leading-edge products to our business customers worldwide by tailoring them to maximise their working capital by reducing time and administrative processes.

Trade Finance

Traditional Trade

Trade Solutions for Exporters

  1. Letter of Credit Advising
  2. Letter of Credit Confirmation
  3. Letter of Credit Negotiation & Discounting
  4. Transferable Letter of Credit
  5. Export Bill Collection (DA/DP)
  6. Open Account Receivables Financing

Trade Solutions for Importers

  1. Letter of Credit Issuance
  2. Standby Letter of Credit
  3. Transferable Letter of Credit
  4. Back-to-Back Letter of Credit
  5. Revolving Letter of Credit
  6. Import Bill Collection (DA/DP)
  7. Import Financing
  8. Shipping Guarantee

Local and International Guarantees

  1. Bid Bonds
  2. Performance Bonds
  3. Advance Payment Bonds
  4. Retention Bonds
  5. Maintenance Bonds

Global Market

Global Markets

Our Global Markets team leverages the strength of our intellectual capital and technology to offer best-in-class products across an integrated, global cross-asset platform.

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance provides specific financing alternatives and assists you in the analysis of these options.


Advisory and Capital Raising Services

Our Merchant Banking Division offers comprehensive and innovative financial advisory and capital-raising services to corporations, organisations, and governments.

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