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Telegraphic Transfers and Remittance


Transfers & Remittance are quick and easy ways of transferring funds across the globe. Our remittance services are secure allowing you to transfer money overseas conveniently without delay.

Make life easier with worldwide payments

Sending money overseas has never been easier. Whether you’re topping up your savings account, sending money to your family or paying other international expenses, telegraphic transfers let you send funds at a touch of a button.

  1. Transfer & remittance run on the core principles of accessibility, dependability, competence and cost effectiveness.

  1. We at FAB can help you meet these requirements through convenient and customer-centric telegraphic transfers or demand drafts, both offering world-class security and low fees. Through our extensive network of branches and a worldwide bank network, inward and outward remittances are processed in a streamlined manner avoiding delays.

  1. “Pay in Full” is a convenient option that enables you to make a local or foreign remittance amount. Whenever you want the beneficiary to receive the full amount of your remittance )for example, for school fees or the settlement of an invoice) without and deductions, simply select the “Pay in Full” option while entering remittance details and you can rest assured that your beneficiary will receive the full remittance amount at a cost of up to OMR 11 plus OMR 5 as SWIFT charges.

  1. With the “Pay Less Charges” option, charges for the correspondent and beneficiary bank will be debited from the remitted amount.



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