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Key Regulatory Links

FAB is subject to regulatory oversight from a number of key Ministries, government Departments and regulatory authorities. Senior management has the responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulation, and is accountable to the Board.

The Board has also delegated a range of duties and responsibilities for monitoring and review to the Committees of the Board, including the Risk and Audit Committees.

Invest in Oman’s Future: Security, Steady & Attractive Returns

*For further clarification, arrangement and to get electronic copies of the Sovereign Oman Sukuk – Fifth Edition transaction documents (including the prospectus and the application forms), please contact the issue manager (Maisarah Islamic Banking Services & Ubhar Capital S.A.O.C) through the contact details stated in the table below:

Name Designation Email Telephone
Mr. Hamid Habeebullah Senior Manager 24212598
Mr. Muhammed Kashif Sabih VP Corporate Finance & Advisory 24949008

Mala’a Oman Credit and Financial Information Center

Value Added Tax (VAT) Law