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Visa Classic Debit Card


With extended warranties on your purchases, fraud protection and more, you can shop all over the world knowing you’re covered.


  1. Receive free SMS alerts whenever your card is used or your bill is due
  2. Apply for unlimited free supplementary cards for your family members
  3. Use the card for cash withdrawals or for balance inquiries free of charge across the Oman ATM network


  1. The cards are EMV compliant


  1. Must be a FAB account holder
Terms & Conditions Apply.

Credit Card

Credit Cards

We offer a wide range of credit cards with great benefits and protection. Compare our cards for more details.


Foreign Exchange

If you are a savings or current account holder, you can buy major foreign currencies or transfer foreign exchange at attractive exchange rates in all our branches.

Transfer Remittance

Transfer and Remittance

Our remittance services are secure allowing you to transfer money overseas conveniently without delay.

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+968 24 761076


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8:00 am to 2:00 pm

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