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Personal Loans


FAB offers a range of lending products at competitive interest rates to help you manage your finances whether for a simple personal loan or financing a new car.


  1. Competitive interest rates starting from as low as 5.5% per annum
  2. Hassle-free loan application process
  3. Free credit card for the duration of the loan
  4. Top-up once every 2 years
  5. Maximum repayment period of 10 years
  6. Two waivers p.a.


  1. Omani nationals and residents
  2. Employer must be approved by FAB
  3. Must be a salary transfer customer


Elite Gold

We assure you the highest level of service, including following up on your banking transactions, product applications and one-to-one advice.


Foreign Exchange

If you are a savings or current account holder, you can buy major foreign currencies or transfer foreign exchange at attractive exchange rates in all our branches.


Transfer and Remittance

Our remittance services are secure allowing you to transfer money overseas conveniently without delay.

Contact Us


Oman Helpline

800 76076

International Helpline

+968 24 761076


Head Office

Muscat, Oman

P.O. Box 303


Working Hours

Sunday to Thursday

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Customer Enquiries


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