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Global Wealth Management

Global Wealth Management

Carefully informed insight and planning lie at the heart of FAB's approach to providing wealth advice.

Our four step Wealth Management framework is the foundation on which a client's Wealth Plan is developed. A Wealth Plan provides invaluable intelligence. By starting with a detailed examination of a client's profile, including needs, ambitions and views on risk, we then develop a complete personalized wealth plan that is aligned to a client’s unique risk profile.

Our Approach

Understanding needs and goals

A detailed examination of a client’s profile, including investment holdings, long-term financial goals and liquidity needs.

Assessing risk profile

Based on life stages, personal circumstances and desired time horizons, individuals have varying degrees of risk tolerance. Assessing risk profile and appetite is a vital part of our process.

Develop and implement a complete financial plan

A personalized assessment of the areas where Wealth Management advice is most appropriate. The Wealth Plan provides a tailored and integrated set of recommendations, ranging from investments, through to retirement planning and complex tax structuring, aligned to a client’s unique risk profile.

On-going portfolio management

Our Wealth Managers, supported by teams of specialist and industry experts, work closely with clients to develop long standing partnerships, helping our clients manage changes in their own circumstances and keep abreast of market and fiscal developments as they emerge in order to build, assess and adjust their portfolio over time.

A World of Choices


  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Mutual Funds
  3. Commodity Funds
  4. Real Estate Funds

Fixed Income

  1. Fixed Deposits
  2. Dual currency Deposits
  3. Bonds / Sukuks
  4. Perpetuals

Structured Solutions

  1. Capital Guarantee Notes
  2. Coupon paying Notes
  3. Equity participation Notes
  4. Commodity Notes
  5. Private Equity Notes

Investment Flexibility

  1. Lump sum investment
  2. Monthly savings
  3. Insurance


  1. US/Europe
  2. Asia
  3. GCC
  4. India & China
  5. Other Emerging Markets

Time Horizon

  1. Short Term (up to 1 year)
  2. Medium Term (1-5 years)
  3. Long Term (> 5 years)

Global Financial Markets Forum

The Global Financial Markets Forum is one of the most prominent annual financial markets events in the MENA region. This prestigious gathering brings together topical and relevant content, world-class speakers as well as panel discussions and focused breakout sessions, along with unparalleled networking opportunities.

Global Market

Global Markets

Global Corporate Finance provides specific financing alternatives and assists you in the analysis of these options.

Market Insights

Our team deliver customer focused research on regional macroeconomic and geopolitical topics as well as the foreign exchange, rates, credit and commodity markets.

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