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Global Markets

We offer high-end services throughout the corridor markets as well as G10 currencies, interest rates and commodities, risk management, bond distribution and investment solutions.

Cash Management and Investment Services

Our liquidity specialists and portfolio managers offer cashflow solutions that enable you to attract returns and investment opportunities based on your time, risk appetite and return criteria.

Cashflow Management

We are a AA-rated bank, which enables you to place funds with us securely at attractive rates via our liquidity specialists. The Repo team is a leader in the region, and provides you access to local and international markets. Our sales professionals ensure that we understand your goals and objectives and tailor hedging strategies to mirror your specific requirements and risk tolerance. We value our client and work hard to build lasting relationships.

Investment Solutions

We offer investments solutions through an established, diversified portfolio of investments with a successful track record. Our investment philosophy centres on generating attractive risk-adjusted returns, while preserving capital and maintaining low volatility and low correlation to other asset classes. Our alternative investment portfolio is designed to capture opportunities across hedge fund strategies, through superior fund managers’ selection and diversification across multiple trading strategies.

Our Plans

We will broaden the coverage of credits that we trade and distribute, to include a larger list of issuers across the West-East corridor. We also plan to extend the hours of coverage from 8 to 20 hours by operating from three financial hubs, following the sun (namely Hong Kong, UAE and London).

Our team

Our dedicated fixed income sales team are on hand to discuss market views and provide insight to assist with any enquiries related to the bond and Sukuk markets. Our prices can be found on FAB’s Bloomberg web page and on the Bloomberg ALLQ page. We can execute trades over Bloomberg or via phone.

Risk Management and Hedging Solutions

We provide risk management and hedging solutions across asset classes such as foreign exchange and geographies within the West-East Corridor.

Benefit from our strengths

We provide risk management and hedging solutions across asset classes such as foreign exchange and geographies within the West-East Corridor. Our expertise provides you with product knowledge and access to our global liquidity, enabling you to benefit from our strengths in regional and international markets. Given the highly volatile nature of the markets, our solutions are increasingly relevant to our clients when assessing their business and operational risks.

We offer risk-management products for a wide range of commodities, such as:

  1. Energy
  2. Base and precious metals
  3. Soft commodities
  4. Steel and iron
  5. Freight
  6. Plastics

Our team

The Rates, Foreign Exchange and Commodities teams offer innovative risk management and investment solutions by providing access to a broad selection of vanilla and structured products including commodity linked structures.

Trade Execution Services

We recognize that efficient trade execution is critical to your needs in the financial markets and we offer multiple forms of trade execution to meet your requirements.

We provide three forms of trade execution services for financial markets products

  1. Direct call to your Relationship Manager
  2. Direct call to your Sales Manager
  3. Online via our iTrade and multi-trader platforms

FAB iTrade

iTrade provides an end-to-end solution for your trading needs

  1. Advanced tools for efficient execution on multi-asset trading platforms
  2. Foreign exchange tools that will enable you to submit a request for a quote for spot, forward and swaps
  3. Access to streaming executable prices including, foreign exchange, money markets and deposits
  4. Historical trade blotter capabilities
  5. Access to macro-economic research, trend analysis and market volatility reports

Multi trader platforms

We provide pricing into the top foreign exchange multi-dealer platforms

  1. Bloomberg
  2. FXAII
  3. 360T

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Oman Helpline

800 76076

International Helpline

+968 24 761076


Head Office

Muscat, Oman

P.O. Box 303


Working Hours

Sunday to Thursday

8:00 am to 2:00 pm

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