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Global Transaction Banking


Global Transaction Banking offers leading-edge products to our business customers worldwide by tailoring them to maximise their working capital by reducing time and administrative processes.


Cash Management

Cash management can be complex, but our solutions make it easy. You can track and manage financial flows within and beyond your business at any time, allowing you to accurately forecast and budget for your cashflow needs.

Account Services

  1. Call Accounts
  2. Current Accounts
  3. Cheque Book Services
  4. Vostro
  5. Reporting

Cash Management

  1. Cash Services
  2. Cheque Services
  3. Payment & Payroll Services
  4. Liquidity Management
  5. Escrow Management
  6. FI Clearing Services

Fixed Deposit

  1. Tenor of 1 week to 10 years
  2. Minimum balance of OMR 5,000 or foreign currency equivalent
  3. Multi-currency for SMEs, Mid-market and Multinational companie

Payment Services

  1. Bulk & Utility Payments
  2. International & Domestic Fund Transfer
  3. Cheques and Drafts
  4. Standing Instructions
  5. Corporate Card & Payroll Services

Trade Finance

Solutions for Importers & Exporters

Traditional Trade
  1. Letters of Credit
  2. Collections
  3. Financing Solutions
Local and International Guarantees
  1. Letter of Guarantee Issuance
Supply Chain Finance (SCF)
  1. Domestic & International SCF
  2. Dynamic Discounting

Structured Trade & Commodity Finance

Working Capital Facilities
  1. Borrowing Base Facilities
  2. Warehouse Receipt Financing
Structured Commodity Finance
  1. Pre-Export Finance
  2. Pre-Payment Finance



  1. Access to iBANKING anywhere, anytime (24/7)
  2. Comprehensive online help for self-learning and training
  3. Easy to sign-up and quick on-boarding process

Efficiency and Control

  1. Straight through process when sending payments online
  2. Automate your bulk payments through uploading batches of files
  3. Setup and manage your recurring payments at any time using the Standing Instruction tool
  4. Initiate recurring payments with one click from stored templates or historical transactions
  5. Set up authorization matrices and assign rules and accounts to users according to your requirements
  6. Control the types of alerts and notifications you receive on your accounts

Visibility and Transparency

  1. Access real-time account balances and the status of online transactions
  2. Download your reports in various formats, any time you need
  3. In addition to your operating accounts, your can track your deposits and loan maturity online
  4. View your corporate transactions online

Security at multiple levels

  1. Log in using RSA Secure Token with two factor authentication
  2. High security protocols used for all data exchange between you and FAB

Secure, seamless and reliable

Channel Management has become a crucial component in the drive for improved efficiency. FAB’s solutions provide information delivery and transaction initiation for a seamless and flexible interaction between your business and us. Furthermore, our secure framework promotes banking convenience and enhanced reliability and security.

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P.O. Box 303


Working Hours

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8:00 am to 2:00 pm

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