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Property Finance


  • Financing amount up to SAR 5 million
  • Shariah-compliant
  • Competitive profit margins
  • Co-financing between spouses or first-degree relatives, up to a maximum of three people
  • Financing period of up to 30 years
  • In case of death or permanent disability, the debt will be waived after the required documents are submitted to the Bank and subject to insurance coverage*
  • Node Minus Alt
    Minimum monthly income: SAR 5,000
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Must be employed by government, semi-government or private sector entities
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Must be 20 years of age or above
  • OR
*Terms & conditions apply
  • Node Minus Alt
    ID copy (valid original documents must be presented)
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Property Finance form, completed and signed by the applicant
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Income documents
  • OR
  • Node Minus Alt
    Property-related documents
  • OR
*Terms & conditions apply

An example of real estate finance

Property value Finance as a percentage of property value Fixed or variable profit rate* Annual profit rate Payment period in years Payment type Monthly payment amount Early settlement fees
SAR 585,000 90% Fixed profit 3.76% 20 The principal and the profit amount SAR 3,102 3 future instalments of profit
SAR 1,000,000 90% Fixed profit 3.62% 25 The principal and the profit amount SAR 4,524 3 future instalments of profit
SAR 2,000,000 90% Fixed profit 4.23% 30 The principal and the profit amount SAR 8,753 3 future instalments of profit

The annual profit rate (APR) may change based on the change in the finance amount and the due date shown in the table above and is subject to the credit evaluation of each customer.
Finance and other related costs are subject to laws, regulations and regulatory requirements.

An example of annual profit rate for real estate finance

Residential real estate finance supported by the Murabaha mode

Duration 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years
Annual profit rate 4.46% 4.36% 4.66% 4.90% 5.07%

Residential real estate finance in Murabaha mode

Duration 5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years 25 years 30 years
Annual profit rate 5.64% 5.12% 5.22% 5.40% 5.47% 6.00%

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