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What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the act of drawing attention to a perceived wrongdoing, misconduct, or unethical activity within FAB KSA.

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Who is a Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone who discloses or attempts to disclose information about a wrongdoing which could come in various forms such as workplace, fraud, corruption, violation of company policy, law, regulation, etc.

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Who can be a whistleblower?

Whistleblowing can be reported by anyone within FAB or by anyone from outside FAB that are or have been associated with the bank in one form or another.

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What type of wrongdoing or misconduct can be reported?

FAB encourages various types of misconduct or wrongdoing to be reported, some examples are:

  • Workplace misconduct – any matters related to Human Resources and Environment Health and Safety.
  • Fraud including financial related misconduct – theft, abuse of assets and other general/financial related fraud matters
  • Bribery/Corruption misconduct- corrupt practices including giving or receiving bribes or other improper benefits
  • Regulatory and business misconduct – compliance issues, conflict of interests and other regulatory violations
  • Data and Security misconduct – information security, data privacy and other cyber security related matters.
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How is Whistleblowing different from a normal complaint or enquiries?

Whistleblowing relates to any perceived misconduct or unethical activity that is performed by an individual that adversely impacts FAB. Such misconduct can be reported in an independent manner and is treated with utmost anonymity and confidentiality.

Complaints generally relate to service issues or related customer service matters and enquiries relate togeneral information or asking about a particular product offered by FAB. Complaints and general enquiries should be reported through the appropriate channels on the FAB website:

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How can I report wrongdoing or misconduct?

Whistleblowing incidents can be reported using various secure and protected channels managed locally that includes:

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How can I blow a Whistle?

All the reporting options allow for the Whistleblower to remain completely confidential and anonymous. There may be times when FAB personnel will need to try to determine the Whistleblower’s identity or contact details in order to conduct an investigation. In such cases, the reason will be communicated. As long as any Whistleblowing reports are made in good faith, the Whistleblower will be protected from retaliation.

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What information should I provide when I make a disclosure?

There is information that needs to be provided by the Whistleblower to help initiate an investigation that includes at a minimum:

  • Type of incident
  • Brief details of incident – i.e. time, place, occurrence, activity, involved individuals, etc.
  • Triggers of the incident
  • Any evidence to help support the intended allegations
  • Any other relevant information that could help provide further clarity to successfully proceed with the investigation.

The Whistleblower may be contacted for further information that may be needed during the investigation.

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Is there a deadline for filing a whistleblower report?

No, but it is important to file a report as soon as you have enough evidence to make a good faith report. If you delay, evidence becomes stale, hampering the investigation where FAB may not be able to resolve the problem effectively.

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What happens after I file my whistleblower report?

A preliminary enquiry will be conducted to determine if a full investigation should be undertaken and by whom. Moreover, as part of the enquiry, you may be contacted for further information.

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Why might my allegations not be investigated?

The preliminary enquiry assesses whether or not there appears to be a proper incident reported. If so, the case will be investigated. If we believe the incident does not meet the Whistleblowing criteria or is more related to a complaint, we will direct the case to the proper channels for further review and resolution.

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How can I help with the investigation?

You can provide as much factual information and evidence as possible in order to allow the investigation to proceed. You should be prepared to be contacted by the related FAB personnel and provide the required information you know about the allegations to proceed with the investigation. Moreover, evidences or supporting documents may not be obtained for which you do not have a right or privilege of access.

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Will I be informed of the outcome of my report?

You generally have the right to be informed of the outcome of your disclosure and the findings of any investigation. However, any action taken against an employee as a consequence of the investigation may be personal and confidential, in which case, it cannot be disclosed.

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Where do I go for help if I want to properly file a whistleblower report?

Consult the Head of Compliance officer in KSA.

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