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Global Markets

Our Global Markets team offers industry-leading insights and leverages the strength of our research, capabilities and the latest technology to offer world-class products through an integrated cross-asset platform.

FX & Rates (MENA/Sub-Sahara)

  • FX Spot / Swaps / Forwards
  • FX Options
  • Basis Swaps
  • Asset Swaps
  • T-Locks
  • XCCY / Libor / OIS
  • Money Market
  • Repo
  • IRS / Futures / FRA
  • CRS & IR Options
  • Structured Products


  • Equity Options
  • Single Stock TRS
  • Index Replication TRS
  • Structured Payoffs / Notes
  • Equity structured deposits
  • Participatory Notes


  • Live streaming prices in FX Spot, Forwards and Swaps
  • Orders: Place limit and conditional orders
  • Over 600 currency pairs available in majors and EM

Capital Markets

  • Murabaha
  • Wakala
  • Collateralised Murabaha
  • Profit Rate Swap
  • Cross-Currency Profit Swap
  • Wa’ad (Islamic FX Forward)
  • Islamic FX Options
  • Islamic Profit Rate Options
  • Shariah Compliant Structured Products

Credit Trading & Investments

  • Secondary Market Making
  • TRS Credit
  • Credit-Linked Notes

Market Insights & Strategy

  • SMacro Strategy / Economics
  • Geopolitical Analysis
  • FX, Rates, Credit and commodities


Commodity Hedging

  • Futures
  • Swaps
  • Options

Commodity-Linked Financing

  • Structured Repos
  • Metal Leasing
  • Prepaid Swaps

Commodity Investment

  • Structured Deposits

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General Contact

KSA Helpline
800 124 2222

International Helpline
+966 9200 10695


Branch and Office Address:
Cayan Group Building
King Fahd Rd - Al Malqa Dist.
Riyadh 13524, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Office Address:
Randa Tower, No#7915
King AbdulAziz Road - An Nahdah District
Jeddah 23523, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Office Address:
Al Reziza Tower
King Fahd Ibn Abdul Azizi Road - Al Bandariyah Dist.
Al Khobar 34424, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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