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Global Markets

Our Global Markets team offers industry-leading insights and leverages the strength of our research, capabilities and the latest technology to offer world-class products through an integrated cross-asset platform.

FX & Rates

  • FX Spot / Swaps / Forwards
  • FX Options
  • Basis Swaps
  • Asset Swaps
  • T-Locks
  • XCCY / Libor / OIS
  • Money Market
  • Repo
  • IRS / Futures / FRA
  • CRS & IR Options
  • Structured Products


Commodity Hedging
  1. Futures
  2. Swaps
  3. Options
Commodity-Linked Financing
  1. Structured Repos
  2. Metal Leasing
  3. Prepaid Swaps
Commodity Investment
  1. Structured Deposits


  • Equity Options
  • Single Stock TRS
  • Index Replication TRS
  • Structured Payoffs / Notes
  • Equity structured deposits
  • Participatory Notes


  • Live streaming prices in FX Spot, Forwards and Swaps
  • Orders: Place limit and conditional orders
  • Over 600 currency pairs available in majors and EM

Capital Markets

  1. Murabaha
  2. Wakala
  3. Collateralised Murabaha
  4. Profit Rate Swap
  5. Cross-Currency Profit Swap
  6. Wa’ad (Islamic FX Forward)
  7. Islamic FX Options
  8. Islamic Profit Rate Options
  9. Shariah Compliant Structured Products

Credit Trading & Investments

  1. Secondary Market Making
  2. TRS Credit
  3. Credit-Linked Notes

Market Insights & Strategy

  1. SMacro Strategy / Economics
  2. Geopolitical Analysis
  3. FX, Rates, Credit and commodities


Global Transaction Banking

Our Global Transaction Banking standards match the best in the world by consolidating all areas of skill and services designed to expedite transactional activities both domestically and internationally.

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance

Global Corporate Finance represents the investment banking activities of FAB. Combining local expertise with international reach, we offer award-winning deal origination, structuring and distribution.

Global Islamic Banking

Global Islamic Banking offers a wide range of sharia compliant wholesale banking solutions designed to ensure your financial goals are met.

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Branch and Office Address


Al Cayan Tower, King Fahd Road, Al Malga District, Riyadh, KSA

Office Address


Office number 970 & 973 – Floor 9, Jameel Square, Corner of Tahlia Street and Al Andalus Street, Jeddah, KSA

Office Address


Office number 2207 & 2214, Floor 22, Hugayet Tower, King Fahd Road, Al Hizam Al Akhdar, Al Khobar, KSA