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08 March 2023

International Women’s Day 2021: Embracing diversity and equality are the hallmarks of a successful business

There is no denying that the UAE is very much at the forefront of female participation across key sectors, empowering women to be change makers across the economy. In turn, this has inspired us to emulate those values across our organisations. Increasingly, companies are placing great value on diversity and equality, recognising and promoting talented and capable women within their organisations.

Across the region, Forbes magazine’s list of Power Businesswomen in the Middle East includes 21 women from the banking and financial services sector, including four from stock exchanges and financial regulators. Across the banking sector, in the UAE and increasingly across the region, women are breaking the glass ceiling and redefining the industry. We can be confident that women’s representation will grow stronger as more corporates #choose to challenge, supporting and promoting female talent across organisations.

Diversity in leadership is good for business. A growing body of evidence suggests that diversity of people across an organisation leads to a greater diversity of thoughts and ideas, better and more informed decision-making, and enhanced effectiveness. Increasingly, these capabilities are becoming hallmarks of a successful organisation, especially in managing times of uncertainty and change.

The past year has taught us that resilience is as much about care as it is about strength and supporting each other in difficult times. Through embracing diversity, we can carry this lesson forward, guiding innovation and building businesses that empower colleagues, customers and communities for sustainable growth and continued success.