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Fraud & Security


OneShare plc is aware that the name of, and certain regulatory information related to, OneShare plc is being used by an unauthorised website with the intention of soliciting investments.

The unauthorised website is:

OneShare plc have no association with the website and have not in any way entered into any agreement that allows the use of the OneShare plc’s name or regulatory information for any purpose whatsoever. In particular, there are no arrangements under which investments in OneShare plc can be made through the unauthorised website. OneShare plc has notified the appropriate law enforcement and regulatory authorities of the unauthorised activity and we encourage all persons who may have registered information with the unauthorised website to contact the Central Bank of Ireland or your local financial services regulator immediately.

For any further information please contact

‘FAB is an Ambassador of the International Fraud Awareness week, hosted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. To know more, please follow us on our social media pages.’

At FAB, protecting our customers from fraud is a key priority and we take pride in our stellar record of doing so.

We are always working to keep you safe by adopting global best practices in all we do. Rest assured that as our digital channels become more prevalent, they are matched in levels of security.

Always remember


Scammers have now started creating fake websites which impersonate legitimate restaurants. Be vigilant when ordering food online.


People have reported receiving SMS or emails impersonating reputable organizations with a link to make a payment first to get your order. This is a scam!


Never give your card, account or OTP details to anyone who contacts you. Check with the source directly & verify these calls or messages. Be vigilant, be safe.


Never reveal sensitive business or personal information on social media platforms. It can be used by fraudsters to gain knowledge about you. Be vigilant, be safe.

If you suspect fraudulent activity on your FAB account call our Contact Centre on 600525500 or +971(2)6811511 (outside UAE), email to or visit your nearest branch.

International Fraud Awareness Week

Watch videos on fraud trends and how to protect yourself against them

Beware of advance fee scams!

Watch videos
Watch videos on how to safeguard ourselves against potential fraud risk

Sharing is not always caring.

Watch videos

Together against fraud

At FAB, sophisticated near real-time monitoring technology can recognise suspicious transactions, backed by a dedicated team, who can take quick action as and when required.

If you believe that you are a victim to fraud, please contact our call centre or report your case to the UAE Banks Federation.

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We are currently experiencing higher call volumes than usual. We encourage you to use the FAB Mobile application and check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.



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