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Sign up for an account or get a credit card with just your Emirates ID

Mobile App
Mobile App
Mobile App

Manage your account

  • View account balance
  • View detailed transactions
  • Share account/transaction details
  • Download and subscribe/unsubscribe to e-statements
  • Request a cheque book (including foreign currency)
  • Get an IBAN number
  • Unlock your account

Manage your debit & credit cards

  • Activate your credit card and debit card
  • Block and replace your card
  • Temporarily block/unblock your credit card
  • Change your card PIN
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to e-statements
  • Subscribe to chargeable printed statements
  • Add your card to Apple Pay
  • View transaction details
  • Get an Easy Payment Plan on your transactions
  • Transfer your credit card balance
  • Get Quick Cash on your credit card 
  • Activate credit shield
  • Request supplementary card
  • Change supplementary card limit

Manage your savings and loans

  • Create, view or modify your iSave account
  • Close your iSave account
  • Set up, view or modify Regular Savings
  • View your loan details
  • Request a loan top up
  • Request a loan deferral
  • Set up a Term Deposit

Enjoy exciting benefits

  • Earn and redeem FAB Rewards
  • Enjoy 100s of exciting dining, travel and lifestyle Offers
  • Redeem FAB Surprises
  • Shop exclusive deals on Shopsmart

…and a whole lot more

  • Register instantly on FAB Mobile
  • Login with Fingerprint or Face ID
  • Change language (English/Arabic)
  • Delink FAB Mobile from your device
  • Locate ATM/Branches
  • View mutual funds
  • View and download investment portfolio
  • Force app update
  • View Relationship Manager details - for Elite customers 
  • Get offers, alerts and reminders through mobile notifications
  • Send a secure mail through 'Help & Support'
  • Enable iOS widgets for account info and alerts
  • Request a lability and clearance letter

Take a tour of some of our services

Mobile App

Open an account and get a credit card instantly on the FAB Mobile app

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Mobile App

FAB Mobile is with you when you need it, wherever you are

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Our Mobile App

FAB Mobile puts the power of the bank in your hands.

Spend, save and stay on top of your everyday transactions, from just about anywhere.


Mobile App

Mobile App
Mobile App
Mobile App

Mobile App
  • Manage your account, debit & credit cards

    Check your balances, make payments on time and stay on track.
  • Sign up for a product instantly on FAB Mobile

    Get what you need with a few taps.
  • Enjoy exciting benefits

    Earn and redeem Rewards plus enjoy cashback and exciting discounts.
  • Manage your payments

    Make all your payments on time and ensure your bills are paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FAB Mobile?

FAB Mobile is the banking application of First Abu Dhabi Bank, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices. FAB Mobile allows you to securely and seamlessly do your everyday banking from anywhere, and at any time. FAB Mobile supports both English and Arabic languages.

How can I get the FAB Mobile app?

Search for 'FAB Mobile' on the following app stores Download the app and follow the on-screen instructions to securely register your account or credit card on the app.

What do I need to start using FAB Mobile?

If you’re an existing customer, you need
  • your Customer Number (that’s sent to your registered email address) or debit card number or credit card number
  • a smart phone (iPhone or Android)
  • a secure internet connection either Wi-Fi or 3G with data services

What operating system do I need to access all the features of FAB Mobile?

You can access all features of FAB Mobile in the latest OS version and the previous two versions for both iOS and Android. Eg. if the latest Android version is 10, FAB Mobile will be compatible with Android 8 and above. You can also check the compatibility of your device on the app store.

How secure is FAB Mobile?

At FAB, your security is our foremost concern. We want you to feel confident about transacting anywhere, anytime. That’s why we’ve introduced a state-of-the-art authentication to reduce fraud and ensure you bank safely.

Can I use FAB Mobile on other devices?

Yes, you can download and register for FAB Mobile on up to three devices.

I use FAB Online Banking, so will I get automatically registered to FAB Mobile?

You will need to register to FAB Mobile using your Customer Number or credit/debit card number.

Do I have to pay to use FAB Mobile?

You can download FAB Mobile and use most of the services for free. You will incur costs for certain transfers.

What if I lose my mobile phone?

You can call our contact centre immediately on 600525500 (within the UAE) or +971(2)6811511 (internationally).

How can I unlock FAB Mobile?

Go to the FAB Mobile login screen, tap the 'Forgot PIN' option and follow the steps to instantly unlock your mobile banking access.

Can I use FAB Mobile when I’m outside the UAE?

Yes you can login and access your account and cards if you have Wi-Fi connectivity or are subscribed to roaming data service through your operator.

Can I open an account through FAB Mobile even if I don’t have any FAB product?

Yes, all you need is your Emirates ID. Simply download the app, choose the account or credit card you want and sign up. You will need to verify your Emirates ID and go through the security verification. But you can open an account in minutes.

What type of accounts can I open through FAB Mobile?

Click here to see the accounts and also the eligibility criteria for the accounts.

I cannot log into my account / I keep getting a system maintenance error?

If you’re unable to log in or access your account, try updating the app or try again in some time. If the issue persists, get in touch with us.

Can I temporarily block by credit card through FAB Mobile?

Yes, you can. Simply tap the Cards tab on your home screen, select the card and tap the ‘Freeze Card’ option.

In case I’ve lost my credit card, can I block it through FAB Mobile?

Yes, you can block and get a replacement card through FAB Mobile. Simply tap ‘Block and Replace’ under Cards tab.

Can I update my registered email or mobile number on FAB Mobile?

Yes, you can. From the main menu on top right corner of the home screen, tap Edit Profile and choose the ‘Personal Details’ tab. Now, you update your email or mobile number.

My account documents - visa, passport, Emirates ID – have expired. Can I update them on FAB Mobile?

Yes, you can. From the main menu on top right corner of the home screen, tap Edit Profile and choose the ‘Documents’ tab. Now, you can upload your updated documents. Your successfully uploaded documents will be processed within 3-4 working days.

We are currently experiencing higher call volumes than usual. We encourage you to use the FAB Mobile app and check our .



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