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Our new Digital Authentication

Intelligent Security that protects you and your money

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As we introduce new and more convenient ways for you to do your banking, we’re also stepping up our digital security so that you continue to bank with full confidence. That’s why we’ve launched a state-of-the-art authentication on FAB Mobile and Online Banking that lets us know it’s YOU that’s accessing your account and no one else.

Sign up for an account or get a credit card with just your Emirates ID

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Get used to a new way of feeling secure.

Say goodbye to traditional ways of authorising transactions through SMS/Email OTP. Get set for a digital-first intelligent authentication.

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Seamless meets simple

No complex procedures. No lengthy processes. Our new intelligent authentication uses the world’s most advanced technology to recognize you, and only you! So once you’ve been verified through the registration process, you can approve all future transactions with a single, unique swipe. It’s really, really that simple!

Swipe to approve.
Now that's banking at your fingertips.

How can something so advanced be so simple? We’ve broken it down here. Take a look at how to register and do your transactions.

Got Questions?
Let's answer some of your frequently asked ones.

Why has FAB Mobile introduced this new digital authentication?

As digital transactions are increasing worldwide, so too are the threats from cyberattacks, fraudsters and hackers. By using the world’s most advanced and intelligent authentication, which uses multiple levels of identification, we’re making sure we keep your money and your digital identity secure.

I’m already registered on FAB Mobile, do I need to register again?

No. If you’re an existing user, you will automatically transition to the new authentication without having to do the Emirates ID tap and liveness check. Once you login, you will be prompted to do the following:
a. Set a biometric swipe to approve future transactions
b. Set a mobile PIN (MPIN) which you’ll use across all FAB-registered devices

What happens to all my data on the app – e-statements, transfer beneficiaries, Rewards, standing instructions etc.?

All your account information will remain unchanged. You will now be able to do all your transactions even more seamlessly and securely using our new authentication.

Why do I need to download the mobile app when I do my transactions through Online Banking?

We’ve eliminated the need for SMS and email OTP, which are susceptible to fraud and scams. Our new app-based authorisation puts you firmly in control of your online transactions. When you initiate an online transaction, you will receive an immediate notification on your registered phone. Tap the notification to approve the online transaction. That’s it!

Do I need to turn on notifications on my app?

Yes, you will need to turn on notifications for FAB Mobile. This will not only allow you to authorise your online banking transactions, but will also ensure you receive important account related information, alerts, reminders and customised offers.

What is the liveness check? Why do I need to do it?

A liveness check is a highly specialised security feature that captures your biometric details accurately through a video selfie. This means no fraudster can use a photo, video or mask to deceive or bypass facial recognition systems and gain unauthorised access to your accounts or data. You only need to do this ONCE when you register on FAB Mobile for the first time.

To ensure your video selfie is registered effectively, you will be prompted on the screen. But here are certain guidelines to follow:
1- Center your face and look straight ahead
2- Maintain a neutral expression, no smiling
3- Ensure even lighting, no glare or extreme lighting

I’ve already registered with my Emirates ID and video selfie, so why do I still get an OTP when I do online shopping transactions?

Online shopping transactions will continue to use OTP for now. But we will let you know as soon as that changes.

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