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Your Money Matters

Overarching Introduction

Financial wellbeing is about a sense of security and feeling as though you have enough money to meet your needs. It is about being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.

How healthy and secure is your money situation? A strong and stable financial foundation will help you to live comfortably in the present and plan for your future needs.

It is not just about how much money you have but also about whether you can cover your basic needs, handle money stress, save for the future, and reach your money goals.

Learning Outcomes

Through the four learning outcomes, you will gain a better understanding of personal finance, how to manage your money better through budgeting and how you can use banking products and services to help you save and invest. We also know that there are times when life circumstances might cause us to fall into financial difficulty. We will look at aspects of debt management and where you can go for support and advice.

Financial Awareness: Money and Transactions

In this section you will become more aware of your personal financial situation and understand the importance of finances in the personal lifecycle.

Planning and Managing Money

In this section you will look at different types of financial services products and their uses, you will become more aware about financial planning, budgeting and where you can get financial help and advice.

The Financial Landscape

In this section you will look at the financial landscape including your relationships with banks, your credit score, your rights as a consumer, sources of financial information, and avoiding scams and fraud.

Risk and Reward: Making Decisions About Personal Finance

In this section you will look at aspects relating to the concept of risk and reward, how your risk appetite impacts the financial decisions you make. It also looks at aspects of overspending, getting into financial difficulties and how you get help and advice to deal with debt.