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Standard Credit Card

  • Earn up to 2 First Reward Points per AED 1
  • High credit limits
  • Loyalty benefits

Lifestyle Benefits

Bring some luxury into your life

Get the spending power you need for the lifestyle you want

  • High credit limits
  • Up to 25 days interest free
  • Shop Smart

    Get up to 10% Cashback all year round at leading global online stores using your FAB Credit Card. Visit shopsmart.ae to register and save every time you buy from your favourite online brands using Shop Smart.

Rewards and Offers

Sprinkle some Star-dust into your lifestyle

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in loyalty programs and switch between loyalty programs on the same card at no extra cost, all year round

  • First Rewards

    First Rewards is a unique loyalty programme designed for FAB Credit Card members. Earn double First Reward Points every time you use your FAB Credit Card at any supermarket or departmental store in the UAE or on all purchases internationally. Choose from hundreds of rewards vouchers for jewellery, personal accessories, electronics and more at Abu Dhabi Mall, Khalidiya Mall, Cine Royal Cinemas, Lulu, Paris Gallery, Mc Donald's and other popular destinations. Then call 600 52 5500 indicating your choice of reward(s) for redemption.
    Click here to know more.

  • First Cashback

    First Cashback is a first of its kind Cashback loyalty program in the UAE that offers guaranteed cashback earnings up to 5%, with no minimum spend criteria. What's more? Cashback earned has no expiry. This program allows you redeem your accumulated cashback amount at any time by contacting our Call Centre on 600 52 5500. Upon your request, cashback will be instantly credited to your FAB Credit Card.
    Click here to know more.

Protection Benefits

Protection for you and your family

Your Standard Card comes with a range of additional protection features

  • Standing Instructions

    With Standing Instructions, you can conveniently make up to 20 payments including utility bills, schools & university fees and insurance premiums such as Etisalat, E-vision and more; paid on time, every time. You will never have to remember payment dates ever again.

  • Credit Shield

    Get peace of mind that if something happens so you can’t meet your credit card payments, your outstanding balance is paid off. Learn more.

  • Wallet Shield

    A lost or stolen wallet is more than just inconvenience and monetary loss. It takes away your peace of mind and puts you completely off track. Wallet Shield covers fraudulent transactions on your lost or stolen credit cards, robbed or stolen cash as well as for theft of identification papers or keys. To apply, SMS WS to 2121.

Min Monthly Salary AED 5,000

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