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Islamic Treasury and Investment

Who we are

The Treasury and Investment Division is able to meet all the business needs of its corporate, high-net-worth individual (HNWI), individual and financial institution (FI) customers for funding, liability management and asset management. All financial solutions offered to customers are Shariah Compliant and approved by our Shariah Fatwa and Supervisory Board of independent scholars to ensure that they meet Islamic guidelines.

The Treasury and Investment Division focuses on developing Shariah Compliant investment solutions and Islamic products to satisfy the growing demand from customers and the group in this regard. These services seek to minimise risk exposure while optimising client returns in accordance with UAE Central Bank regulations as well as the guidelines and resolutions of our Shariah Fatwa and Supervisory Board.

Through its dedicated team of professionals and the sophisticated financial infrastructure of its holding group, the Treasury and Investment Division is able to offer a range of Shariah Complaint financing and investment solutions.

Our services include:

  • Medium to long-term investments with competitive returns through Sukuk
  • Multiple currency trading offered through Islamic Banking
  • ‘Murabaha’ services, where the bank purchases commodities on a client’s behalf and resells the purchased goods to them for a predetermined mark-up
  • Shariah Compliant deposits in various currencies through Wakala Investment Deposits

NB: The minimum amounts for Wakala Investment Deposits are AED 3 million or equivalent for business customers and AED 5 million or equivalent for financial institutions

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