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Whistle Blowing

Speak Up

Being honest and transparent in our business dealings is one of our top priorities. If you have concerns about wrong doing, misconduct, or unethical activity within the FAB Group, including fraud, corruption, or unethical behaviour please raise your concerns through our confidential and independent whistleblowing channels.

What to report

Any reasonable concern about a wrongdoing, misconduct, or unethical activity or behavior that includes, but not limited to:

Violations of the Code of Conduct
Improper deviations or implementations of Controls
Discrimination, Harassment, or other Workplace Violence
Theft, Abuse of Assets, or Fraud including financial misrepresentations.
Safety, Health, or Environmental Issues
Conflicts of Interest
Business misconducts
Regulatory violations
Illegal Activities
Confidentiality and Security breaches

Channels and Contact

Various secure and protected channels managed by an independent third party.


Gets instant access to frequently asked questions regarding Whistle Blowing.

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