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About First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) Securities

Who we are

FAB Securities is a pioneer in the UAE equity markets, as we are proud to be one of the founding members of the UAE exchanges in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We specialise in providing our clients with innovative and comprehensive brokerage services across the UAE, as well as key regional and international markets. FAB Securities provides execution underpinned by the highest international trading and compliance standards.


Our vision is to become the leading prime broker in the UAE and region by providing our clients with an unrivalled end to end service and a window to the opportunities available in the core MENA capital markets.

Key strengths

We are a subsidiary of First Abu Dhabi Bank, the largest Bank in the UAE. Our team is experienced, has proven track record in servicing institutional, HNI and retail clients and encompass the highest professional standard. Our research team has an advisory license from the Securities & Commodities Authority in the UAE and offers an expanding product offering that extend from UAE to the MENA. Our processes and systems are cutting edge, and keep in line with our identity as a subsidiary of one of the premier banks in the region and the world.

Board of Directors


Sara Al Binali

Board Members

Suleiman Alarmouti

Fawaz Abusneineh

Hend Shadid

Rula Tajeddin Al Qadi

Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades
Name of the employee Designation Date of joining
Osama Mahmoud Chief Executive Officer of First Abu Dhabi Bank Securities 16/02/2014
Fadia Jalloul Vice President, Compliance 14/04/2013
Moustafa Azam Vice President & Head of Operations 21/03/2021
Amjad Habboub Head of Risk & Credit 17/05/2021
Mohamed Badran Executive Director & Head of High Networth Individuals Trade Execution Desk 05/07/2003
Mahleya Ali Director, High Networth Individuals Trade Execution 19/09/2005
Mohamed Khair Director, High Networth Individuals Trade Execution 03/10/2022
Karam AlDabbagh Assistant Vice President & Lead, Instituional Trading 06/06/2022
Mahmoud Elmougy Director, Institutional Trade Execution 08/09/2022
Ahmad Bani Hani Assistant Vice President, Research 10/09/2006
Shiv Prakash Director, International Trade Execution  04/06/2013
FAB Securities is regulated by Securities & Commodities Authority registration No: 604002

Contact Us

Customer Service



Customer Service



Our Address

First Abu Dhabi Bank
Al Khubeirah Branch, Khalidiya street
P.O. Box 28400
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank P.J.S.C

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