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Authorised Signatures

Authorised signature lists on book will no longer be sent to our counterparties. Updates or amendments will be published online on Signaturenet as needed. All previously sent lists have become null and void as of 31.03.2017.

The Registration Procedure

Correspondents must register with Signaturenet in order to be able to consult and view our banks authorised signatures.

The registration procedure, which is as follows, is simple, free of charge and needs to be done only once:


Go to and click on 'registration'. Fill out the form and click on 'send'.


After a first verification you will get access to an online-form by e-mail. When you have completed all the information about your institution, a pdf will be generated automatically. Open the pdf, print it out, duly sign the document and send it to Signaturenet.


Signaturenet will undertake security checks to ensure that only bona fide users may access the authorised signatures. After successful verification of all the data you will receive the access authorisation directly from Signaturenet.

We recommend that you apply to Signaturenet in due time in order to be ready to adopt this new process. In case you are already registered as issuing-or user bank you do not need to register again.

Additional information about signaturenet can be found at or in the attached management summary.

In case of difficulties or further information on this subject please contact GHR Employee Relations & Policies