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Reports, Policy and Frameworks

Policy Statements

Sustainability Policy Statement

At FAB, we’re always thinking ahead. We know that our short term actions will shape our future in the long run. We carefully seek out new opportunities, manage our risks, and balance the needs of the communities that we serve.


We must remain financially profitable to consistently benefit all of our stakeholders through the provision of jobs, creation of shareholder value and giving access to trusted financial services. We strive to ensure our operations align with, and contribute to the financial stability and economic development of society.

Transparency and Accountability

We build and conform to strong governance frameworks, actively disclose material information, and take responsibility for all our actions. We build trust in the financial industry by acting transparently at all times.


We consider external risks and design innovative products and services which help mitigate those risks, support the financial stability of our customers and the sustainable success of our organization. Looking to the future and in line with our strategy for sustainability, we provide extensive digital and online banking services to all our customers.


We treat all employees equitably and with respect, and seek to provide a safe and healthy work environment that promotes personal and professional growth. We recognize Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking as a growing global issue and are fully committed to eradicating it from our operations and supply chain. In alignment with the requirements of section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act and our support of the UN SDG’s, our 2020 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking public statement is now available.

Environmental Policy Statement

In this policy statement, we commit to improving our sustainability practices throughout every area of our business. We remain dedicated to these measures and will continue to uphold them in our daily operations.