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NHL Programme for Consultants and Contractors

If you are a consultant or a contractor and want to participate in NHL projects, you must register with FAB, or renew the registration once expired. Please note that all projects applications shall be submitted and followed up by the consultant.
FAB updates the approved standard forms used for submitting applications from time-to-time, the consultant must ensure that the updated forms are used.

Registration on the list of companies approved by FAB

Consulting firms and contracting companies may apply to record their names in the list of consultants and contractors approved by FAB, by filling out the application designated for this purpose and bringing the required documents specified in the application. FAB reserves the right to approve or reject these applications if the conditions are not met.

The contracting company or the consulting firm must operate in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and have a commercial license and classification issued by the competent authorities in the Emirate to work in the activity of building, contracting or engineering consultancy for design and supervision.

FAB reviews the performance of consulting firms and companies during the execution of projects and the registration of the contractor or consultant will be canceled or stopped if the level of performance decreases, or if the circulars issued by FAB are not complied with.

Required documents

  • Registration Application Form: To download the registration form in PDF format, click here
  • Attach the required documents as indicated in the registration application form

Technical review and approval of tender documents

The consultant signs engineering service contract (according to the approved form) with the customer who obtained an NHL, then approves the design with the customer and certifies it in the Department of Municipalities and Transport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and then the technical file (plans and tender documents) is submitted for technical review. FAB shall carry out the review and audit. In the event of approval, the bidding procedures shall be completed.

The technical file is submitted by the consultant appointed by the owner of the loan, using the form specified for this purpose, which includes a list of attachments showing the required documents (the design file submission form).

  • Attach all the plans, documents and undertakings required, according to FAB’s requirements mentioned in the approved review form, after being signed and sealed by the owner and the consultant.
  • Attach a printed and clear copy of the general architectural site plan approved by the municipality.
  • Match project details with the type of loan approved by the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority (Maintenance / Expansion / Maintenance and Expansion / New construction / Demolition and Rebuilding).
  • Ensure that there is no differences in specifications with all attached documents (Drawings, Specification Book, and Bill of Quantities).
  • Accurately calculate and review project quantities.
  • Ensure that the prices are audited and reviewed at the estimated cost and the schedule of materials, and match them with the market prices.
  • Ensure that FAB registration is valid for all eligible contractors nominated by the owner to participate in the tender.
  • The price per square meter for new buildings is higher or lower than the current market rates.
  • The project details do not match the loan details as per the approved document to use the loan.
  • The drawings do not match specifications and Bill of Quantities.
  • Failure to calculate and review project quantities accurately
  • Nominating contractors whose registration with FAB has expired.

Bidding and awarding the project

After approval of the technical file, the consultant shall be notified, and the tender is issued according to the procedures followed in FAB. After opening the tender, the consultant performs an analysis of the contractors’ bids and recommends accepting the most appropriate bid.

The owner’s approval is obtained next, and a letter is submitted by the owner to accept the bid of the company nominated to be awarded. Then, the transaction is submitted to the Bank using the designated form, with the required documents shown in the form (a letter) attached (an Award Letter to the winning company).

  • Ensure that all required attachments are submitted according to the attached form, and according to FAB’s requirements.
  • Correctly record all required data on the form and ensure the signature of the owner and the consultant is on the document.
  • Attach an unconditional quotation, with a recent date, for the selected contractor.
  • Ensure the validity of the contractor's registration with FAB before submitting the file.
  • Analyse the contractor's price, and ensure that all items in the Bill of Quantities are priced correctly, and match them with the prevailing market prices.
  • The validity of the quotation has exceeded 45 days from the date of bid submission.
  • Uncertainty about the validity of the contractor's registration with FAB before submitting the file.
  • Failure to correctly and completely record the required data in the form.
  • The contractor's quotation is not in line with the prevailing market rate, with the schedule of materials and specifications of the project.
  • Failure to price all items in detail in the Bill of Quantities submitted by the nominated contractor.

Execution and disbursement

Project execution is carried out on-site by the contractor approved by award, under the supervision of the consultant appointed by the owner. The contracting contract is signed according to the form approved by FAB.

Requests for disbursement of payments are submitted to the Bank, when due, by the consultant – using the approved forms.

  • When submitting the first payment, include all required data in the contracting contract, using the approved form, with the signature of the owner and the signature and stamp of the contractor and consultant on all pages.
  • Review the checklist for the type of each payment, and verify that each item is fulfilled by placing a mark against the item before moving to the next one.
  • Correctly record the project number, location, data, start and end date, and match it with all attached documents.
  • Make payments at the weekdays specified by FAB, and requests shall be reviewed and followed up exclusively by the consultant.
  • Ensure the validity of the site and workers’ insurance, as well as the commercial license of the contractor and consultant.
  • Ensure accuracy and realism in calculating the percentages of completed work.

The monthly report is one of the important documents, and the following points must be verified when completing the data required in the report:

  • Record the date on the form (date of submitting the application).
  • Correctly record the project number and match it with all attached documents.
  • Correctly record the name of the owner, contractor and consultant on all pages of the report.
  • Full clarification of the project site (region - basin - Plot No.).
  • The start and end date of the work (with an extension, in case the project duration expires – if any).
  • Clarify the current and previous percentage of completion.
  • Seal and signature of the consultant and the contractor on all payments, or, as agreed upon, in this regard.
  • Matching percentage of completion in the monthly report with those approved by FAB.
  • Ensure the actual percentage of completion as on the site, and clarify the percentage of each item of completed work.
  • Attach comprehensive photos of the site, showing all the completed work for each item. Furthermore, it is required to clarify the external work, the internal finishing and other works on the site.
  • Percentages of completion approved by the consultant is not matching the actual progress on-site.
  • Lack of time extension to the project or a letter from the owner or the consultant stating the continuation of the contractor, specifying the expected date for the completion of the project, in case the original duration of the project expires according to the contracting contract.
  • Failure to include the percentage of completion for each item of the total percentage (100%) in the monthly report, compared to the percentages completed on site.
  • Failure to include recent photos of all the work that has been completed on the site.
  • Failure to attach a valid copy of the site and worker security, and the commercial license of the contractor and the consultant.


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