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Welcome to Blue FAB Credit Cards from Al-Futtaim

Earn cashback and rewards across your Al-Futtaim shopping

Get ready for more Al-Futtaim deals, offers and value


  • If you make only the minimum repayment/payment each period, you will pay more in interest/profit/fees and it will take you longer to pay off your outstanding balance.

Earn Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards on all your spending

Accelerate your Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards earning with your Blue FAB Credit Card:

  • Earn 5% cashback/ten Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards for every AED 1 spent at Al-Futtaim stores
  • Earn up to 1% cashback/two Al-Futtaim FAB Rewards for every AED 1 spent elsewhere

Plus, get exclusive offers from Al-Futtaim brands and Blue.

Access great brands

Get cashback at your favourite Al-Futtaim brands including:


Blue Advantage

  • Earn & Redeem Cashback
  • Unlock 2-for-1 offers
  • Enjoy Exclusive Benefits
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Banking at your fingertips with the FAB Mobile app

Apply for a Blue FAB Credit Card instantly through the FAB Mobile app, with no paperwork and no hassle. Once you have the card, use the app to manage your card and transactions.

  • Activate, block and replace your card
  • Change your PIN
  • Add your card to Apple/Google/Samsung Wallets
  • Get Easy Payment Plans
  • Transfer your card balance
  • Get Quick Cash
  • Activate Credit Shield
  • Request a supplementary card and change the card limit
  • Plus much more

Ready to apply?