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iSave Account


Limited time offer

Until 30 June 2021, get the best-in-class savings rate of up to 1.94% per year on fresh funds on our iSave Account. Plus you could win AED 50,000 by adding fresh funds to a new or existing account.

  • Only individual customers are eligible
  • Deposit fresh funds to enter a draw with five prizes of AED 50,000 each (for a total of AED 250,000)
  • Only fresh funds are eligible for the draw. Transfer(s) from existing account(s) to iSave Account(s) will not be considered
  • Every multiple of AED 25,000 fresh funds (funds new to FAB) in an iSave Account will give you one chance to enter the draw
  • Draw entry to be calculated on average monthly balance
  • Each customer has a maximum of 500 chances to win

# Prizes
Amount AED (per prize)
Total Prizes (AED)

Interest Rate (% per year) with effect from 1 April 2021

Band Balance
Interest rate range (per year)* 

< AED 500,000

Up to 1.35%

AED 500,000 to < AED 5,000,000

1.35% to 1.94%

≥   AED 5,000,000

1.94% and less


  • A best-in-class savings rate of up to 1.94% per year on fresh funds until 30 June 2021
  • Easy and instant account opening through Online Banking and the FAB Mobile app**
  • Only for individual customers
  • No minimum balance requirement or fall-below fees
  • No restrictions on the number of withdrawals
  • Interest is paid on your monthly average balance and credited monthly to your iSave Account
  • Available in AED only
  • Interest is earned on the average monthly balance and calculated based on the ‘band’ your account balance is within. This is called an ‘accumulative band method’, where rates as per different bands will apply
  • Interest is credited on the last day of the calendar month


  • Debit cards are not issued for an iSave account
  • Applicable interest rates are at the sole discretion of the Bank and can be changed without notice
  • Interest is paid on a monthly basis based on the average monthly balance (calendar month). The Bank reserves the right to change the basis of the calculation of interest at any time and at its sole discretion
  • If the account is closed, interest will be paid pro rata using the average monthly balance

*Special promotional rates are effective from 1 April 2021 until 30 June 2021. Interest rates might change after the campaign period (30 June 2021) to a rate equal to or lower than as mentioned. < AED 500K: up to 1.30% | AED 500K to < AED 5M: 1.30% to 1.68% | ≥ AED 5M: 1.68% and less

**Must have an existing current or savings account with FAB

Conditions apply

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