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Share Information Bundle

Ownership Information

Updated data as of 30 June 2024

Name Number of Shares Shares (%)
Mubadala Investment Company (MIC)1 4,182,670,935 37.9%
Abu Dhabi ruling family2 2,015,558,746 18.2%
Other UAE entities and individuals 2,495,236,147 22.6%
Foreigners (incl Treasury shares)3 2,354,146,860 21.3%
Number of shares Issued 11,047,612,688 100.0%
Treasury shares included in 'Foreigners' 6,506,417
Number of shares outstanding (net of treasury shares) 11,041,106,271
% Allowed for foreigners4 40%
Free float5 41%


  1. MIC holding through its wholly owned subsidiary One Hundred and Fifteenth Investment Company - Sole Proprietorship L.L.C., effective Sep 2021; prior to Sep 2021, MIC's holding was through its wholly owned subsidiaries ADIC PJSC and Mamoura Diversified Global Holding PJSC (formerly known as Mubadala Development Company PJSC); MIC is one of the wholly owned strategic investment companies of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  2. Members of/ companies owned by the Abu Dhabi ruling family. Each investor (natural or legal person) within this group, owns less than 5% of the company’s shares, and is free to buy or sell FAB shares
  3. Treasury shares are included in 'Foreigners' to align with the definition as per ADX from 31 March 2023, prospectively
  4. Foreign ownership limit increased to 40% from 25% effective 14 April 2019
  5. Free float designates FAB shares available for purchase in public equity markets which are not strategic in nature

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